My Book on Catholic Apologetics

The paperback version of my book will be published on, or just after, the publication of the digital version this Sunday, November 22, 2020, the Solemnity of Christ the King. It will be available through Amazon and most major retailers. Local Catholic bookstores should be able to order this book for you as well. I've... Continue Reading →

Keeping Your Kids Catholic

As a trained catechist, and Catholic apologist, I'm frequently asked by Catholic parents how to keep their kids Catholic. Let me begin by saying you have to do it yourself! You can't trust Catholic schools or parish catechism programs to do it for you. We have 50 years of failed history as an example. If... Continue Reading →

Catholicism for Protestants

Michael Voris interviews author Shane Schaetzel "Catholicism for Protestants" is out of print. However, all of the contents of Shane's original book (and more!) can now be found in his new book: "Are Catholics Christian: A Guide to Evangelical Questions about the Catholic Church." Click the link for more information.

St. Gregory’s Prayer Book

Not long ago, I was privileged and blessed to sit on the international editorial board that formulated the "St. Gregory's Prayer Book." I won't mention who the other men were, as I don't wish to speak out of place. Some of them may wish to remain anonymous, others may wish to speak in their own... Continue Reading →

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