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Are Catholics Christian? A Guide to Evangelical Questions about the Catholic Church
This is the ultimate apologetics handbook: both comprehensive and concise. It’s arranged in a question/answer format, like a catechism, and is specifically geared toward answering tough questions from Evangelical Christians. It is both small and portable, ideal for travel. This book is widely used by priests and catechists throughout North America.

The Last Days: A Catholic Analysis of the Apocalypse and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ
By Shane Schaetzel


To Be Announced

The following books should be considered as recommendations. Shane is not saying that your must buy them. Rather, Shane makes these recommendations as a way to build a strong, and well grounded, Catholic faith. This is a heavy reading list. So each book should be tackled slowly, and one at a time. The books are listed in the order of importance. The first row is the most important. The second row is the second most important, and so on.

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