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  • How to Deal with Corruption in the Catholic Church

    How to Deal with Corruption in the Catholic Church

    As Catholics, we’ve been treated to a steady diet of Church corruption, modernist agendas and weak bishops for literally decades now. The problem appears to be getting better in some areas, mainly in small dioceses, but simultaneously getting worse, mainly in bigger (arch)dioceses, the college of cardinals and the Vatican. As frustrating as this is, […]

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  • How to Evangelize the Evangelicals

    How to Evangelize the Evangelicals

    As Catholics, we seem to have a deficit when dealing with Evangelicals. In short, there is a bit of a language gap. There are, of course, instances where Catholics and Evangelicals just don’t see eye-to-eye, and probably never will. However, there are other instances where Catholics and Evangelicals are basically talking about the exact same […]

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  • Living in a Post-Roe America

    Living in a Post-Roe America

    While I was on vacation in South Carolina, the ruling came down for the Dobbs v Jackson case. It was Friday, June 24. I was not surprised, considering the trajectory of this Supreme Court and the leak of the Alito Opinion earlier this year, I was relieved and overjoyed that Roe v Wade had finally […]

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  • Secularism: The God That Failed

    Secularism: The God That Failed

    In 1949, a book titled “The God That Failed” hit the market. It was comprised of six essays, each written respectively by Louis Fischer, André Gide, Arthur Koestler, Ignazio Silone, Stephen Spender, and Richard Wright. The premise of the book was a critique of communism, and how each author become disillusioned with it, ultimately rejecting […]

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  • Repeal the Fourteenth Amendment

    Repeal the Fourteenth Amendment

    Perhaps the greatest threat to the United States of America is not some foreign power, or even ideological systems within the nation. Perhaps the greatest threat to the United States is something hidden within our own Constitution. Perhaps it is something that may have seemed like a good idea to a lot of people, at […]

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  • The Resurrection of Christian Nationalism

    The Resurrection of Christian Nationalism

    The political Left has gone into full boogeyman mode over “Christian nationalism,” acting as if religion has never played a serious role in American politics before. NEWS FLASH: If your ancestors were freed slaves, or benefited from the civil rights movement, you can thank Christian nationalism, because nobody fought slavery and segregation harder than Christian […]

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