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  • “The Last Days” are Here!

    The Last Days are here! Or at least, the book is. I’m pleased to present The Last Days, a book I’ve been working on for many years. It is now available in Kindle, paperback and hardcover. The book presents a Catholic approach to understanding Biblical prophecy about the Last Days, the Antichrist, the Great Tribulation […]

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  • The Consecration of Russia

    After 105 years, the consecration of Russia, to Mary’s Immaculate Heart, is finally scheduled to happen in the way she requested. When Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary, spoke to the three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal, she requested a number of things. One of them was that the pope consecrate Russia to her Immaculate […]

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  • The Last Days

    Are we living in the Last Days? Is the great and terrible apocalypse upon us? Shane Schaetzel, a trained catechist and Evangelical convert to the Catholic Church, through Anglicanism, delves into the greatest question of our time. Are we soon approaching the end of the world? In the pages of this book, the author exposes […]

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  • Pope Francis, The Latin Mass and the Ordinariates

    Since the promulgation of Pope Francis’ decree Traditionis Custodes (Guardians of the Tradition) there has been wild speculation among conservative and traditional circles within the Catholic Church. The document itself is ambiguous in some areas, which has caused some to question its legitimacy. Whether legal or not, I am on record as calling the document […]

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  • A Petition for the Latin Mass in Arlington

    Taking a cue from Father Z, I’m going to try something new for me. Please let me know if you like it. The following is an article from CNA which can be viewed here: 2,800 Catholics sign Traditional Latin Mass petition delivered to Arlington bishop. It’s a good piece, well done, and very informative. My […]

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  • Is Catholicism a cult?

    Is Catholicism a cult? This is a fun question. When some Protestants call Catholicism a “cult,” there has never been a better example of the proverbial pot calling the kettle “black!”  Religions are defined by their definition of God. If Catholicism is a “cult,” then so is every Protestant denomination and affiliation, as they all […]

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