Woke-Pride is Incompatible with Traditional Christianity

In a recent NewsMax article, the daughter of television actress Candace Cameron Bure came to the defense of her mother over comments she made about same-sex marriage. Candace is a devout Evangelical Christian, as is her brother, television actor Kirk Cameron. To summarize the controversy, Candace had discussed, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, why she was leaving the Hallmark Network for the Great American Family Network. It produces similar content to Hallmark, but is more consistent with her Evangelical believes about marriage and family. Translation: The Great American Family Network supports the traditional Christian definition of marriage, and does not promote the new LGBTQ+ redefinition of “marriage.” One would think that a religious person, choosing to change employers for religious reasons, would be a personal matter, albeit maybe not a private one, especially if said religious person is a television celebrity.

However, the predictable backlash happened almost immediately. The Woke and LGBTQ+ (Woke-Pride) community in the entertainment industry immediately sprang into attack mode, accusing Candace of “bigotry” and “hate.” One celebrity accused Candace of hypocrisy saying “I don’t remember Jesus liking hypocrites like Candy.”

Does anyone else see a problem with this? Suppose Candace were a Muslim, and decided to do the exact same thing for the exact same reason. Islam opposes same-sex “marriage” too, you know. For that matter, even Orthodox Judaism opposes it. Would Candace have gotten the same treatment if she were a Muslim, or a Jew? It’s doubtful.

Conservative Evangelicals and Catholics have increasingly come under fire by the political Left in recent decades, and the new Woke-Pride alliance has clearly put a target on the back of Traditional Christianity. Singling it out in deference to all other religions that hold to similar views on marriage and sex. How is this not prejudice? How is this not bigotry? How is this not hate? The only thing the Woke-Pride Movement is proving is that it has a very particular vendetta against Traditional Christians and is hell-bent on accusing these Christians of doing the very thing they, themselves, are doing. To the new Woke-Pride Movement, if you’re a practicing Muslim, or even an Orthodox Jew, your views on sex and marriage will be overlooked. However, if you’re a Christian, they will be considered intolerable, and you will be derided as a horrible person. If they can cancel you, they will. If they can’t, they will demonize you in the press.

In the United States, Traditional Christianity refers specifically to those groups of Christians who still hold to the traditional Christian teachings on marriage and sex. These are most commonly represented by conservative Catholics and Evangelicals, who have a lot in common on moral issues, in spite of their differences on liturgy, sacraments and saints. Some would say these two groups have more in common than difference. These represent Traditional Christianity in the United States. While a large number of mainline Protestants, dissident Catholics and other Christian groups, have gone in a more liberal direction, embracing things like same-sex “marriage.” This is called Modernist Christianity.

Generally speaking, Traditional Christianity is seeing a resurgence in the United States, while Modernist Christianity is slowly imploding, shrinking in numbers and influence. However, many entertainment celebrities tend to embrace the Modernist Christian concept of Jesus Christ, who resembles a New Age guru more than an ancient Jewish rabbi. The modernist concept of Jesus is one who accepts all forms of sexual sin, affirms the sinner in his sexual sin, and encourages sexual sin if it feels good and seems okay. This is why we are seeing an increase in the blessing of same-sex “marriages” in a number of Modernist Christian churches. However, as I said, these churches are now on the decline in the United States, while Traditional Christian churches (consisting primarily of conservative Catholics and Evangelicals) are in a growth phase.

This has caused many Modernist Christians to see Traditional Christianity as a “threat” of some kind, and we see this play out most brutally in the Catholic Church with modernist bishops (and a modernist pope) attacking conservative Catholics whenever possible. Pope Francis himself, an apparent modernist, regularly derides the conservative members of his flock as “rigid” and “Pelagian,” the latter being an extreme insult in the Catholic world, very slanderous, and bordering on calumny. The pope has then gone on to gaslight conservative members of his flock with acts that he knows will be scandalous to them, and has even gone so far as to ban the Traditional Latin Mass, which is the favorite liturgy of many conservatives in the Church. In the Protestant world, the dichotomy between modernist and traditional is a bit more civilized, but only because Protestants tend to break into separate denominations where the two groups no longer have to deal with each other.

Many American politicians, journalists and entertainers have, for the most part, accepted Modernist Christianity, even if they are not practicing Christians themselves. However, Christians who have chosen to remain faithful to the traditional teachings of Christianity on sex and marriage, are branded as “bigots” and “haters” by the same people. In one breath they’ll sing the praises of acceptance and tolerance of all people, regardless of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion or spiritual beliefs. Then, in the next breath, they’ll attack traditional Christians for being what they are. Yes, it’s a joke, and yes, it is really happening.

The Woke-Pride Movement has demonstrated that it is 100% incompatible with Traditional Christianity. Whenever given the opportunity, adherents of Woke-Pride will attack Traditional Christians (whether Evangelical or Catholic) and attempt to destroy them any way they can. It might be in the press. It might be in the workplace. It might be in business and commerce. There can be no question about it. Woke-Pride is at war with traditional Christianity, and so it would seem, no truce is possible. Worse yet, this war is very selective and hypocritical, as Woke-Pride accepts Muslims and Orthodox Jews in spite of their beliefs on sex and marriage, but attacks Traditional Christians for the same.

As a Traditional Christian myself, a conservative Catholic, my heart goes out to Evangelical entertainers like Candace Cameron Bure. She has done nothing wrong, other than dare to follow her religious convictions, and that’s something I applaud her for. It’s something we all should applaud her for. She, and her brother Kirk, have received very little support (probably zero) from the entertainment industry for their religious beliefs. If anything, the feedback in the press has been overwhelmingly negative. Kirk Cameron spent years as a misunderstood actor on television, probably because of negative feedback from some in the industry. He now produces his own Christian films. Candace is moving over to a network that doesn’t promote the LGBTQ+ agenda of normalizing same-sex relationships and same-sex “marriage.” Both have been demonized for their decisions. Both have been slandered for their religion.

The best thing we Traditional Christians can do is support them with our patronage. I’ve watched a few of Kirk’s movies, and they’re pretty good. It’s definitely family-friendly entertainment, and usually has a good Christian message. Candace has played respectable and moral characters in her acting career, and is generally a positive influence on young women. This brother-sister duo should be applauded for their attempt to navigate the entertainment industry while keeping their Christian faith. I’m sure they’re not perfect. None of us are. Considering, however, how corrupt and debased the entertainment industry has become, they should receive credit where credit is due, and they shouldn’t be attacked for it.

What’s happening to Candace is a warning of what can (and probably will) happen to the rest of Traditional Christians in time, as the Woke-Pride Movement grows in influence. It likely won’t be long before Traditional Christians are fired from their jobs, because their employers don’t want to employ “bigots” anymore. I see this primarily happening in states where the state government is very (Blue) Democrat. In such places, large businesses will quickly lose touch with reality and the concept of religious rights, signing on to the Woke-Pride agenda instead. About the only defense we Traditional Christians have right now is the court systems. We can, and we should, file religious discrimination lawsuits whenever it appears that our religion has been the cause of loss of employment or other injustice. As I tell people all the time. I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I’m a Catholic Integralist, or Christian Nationalist, which means I see no distinction between religion and politics at all. Literally all of my so-called “political” positions are really just my religious beliefs in action. If you attack me for my “politics,” you’re really just attacking my religion. This is why I say “don’t join political parties and political organizations.” Be a Christian Nationalist instead. Vote your faith. Write to your congressmen about issues as they relate to your faith. Holding to a position like this might be the only way to get employers, and others, to back off from using your beliefs on same-sex “marriage” (and other things) as a means to discriminate against you.


  1. Why not give your commentary a shred of credibility by illustrating it with a single example of a conservative Jewish or Muslim celebrity making a similar comment and not encountering a negative reaction for it? I know of no one who would somehow tolerate Iran’s theocracy more than an American theocracy predicated on whichever version of Christian nationalism that could potentially manage to triumph over the others. Hopefully, it is a theocratic dilemma that will remain theoretical.


    1. “Given the data and visible detrimental impact, one would expect the left, which generally sees itself as a bastion of support for LGBT rights, to champion the challenge against Islamic homophobia. Regrettably, this is not the case. Consider the outcry we see when cake-baking Christians refuse business services to LGBT people; the widespread vocal condemnation from the left reaches across continents. Similarly, there is leftist public outcry around Christian conversion therapy, galvanizing an entire movement for its legislative prohibition. Such action is mobilized by LGBT organizations, political commentators, activists, human rights organizations and even celebrities, who use rhetoric in which the Christian faith is often lambasted, ridiculed, and positioned as archaic and irrelevant – yet no such outcry is forthcoming when Islamic homophobia rears its head. The left remains silent when, for example, Muslim clerics attempt to exorcize gay demons from members of the Muslim community.” — SOURCE: QUEER MAJORITY

      I presume this is a source you will approve? What I said in my blog above only echoes what the LGBTQ+ community complains of in print. Your personal aversion to Traditional Christianity and Christian Nationalism being irrelevant, of course.


  2. Hat tip from a fellow Christian Nationalist (though until I read your article I wasn’t aware of the term).

    Long live Christ our King!


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