The Great Catholic Exodus

This is an emergency call to all faithful and practicing Catholics in blue-state America. I’m speaking specifically to Catholics who actually believe what the Catholic Church teaches, especially on moral and sexual issues, and try to practice it to the best of their ability. I’m speaking specifically to Catholics who go to mass weekly (at least) and practice some type of regular prayer devotion (such as the rosary for example). I’m speaking to Catholics who are morally and religiously conservative. If this doesn’t describe you, move on. You’re not going to be interested in what I have to say. If this does describe you, however, continue reading because I think you’re going to find this very important.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news. I really do. I wish I could tell you what you want to hear, but I think you know what I’m going to say, because deep down inside, you already know what it is. If you live in a blue (Democrat) state, it’s over. Things are not going to get better for you. If anything, they’re only going to get worse. There is zero chance of your state ever turning around now. The last two elections, and all the apparent fraud that went along with them, along with the demographic changes happening with each passing year, indicate that blue states will continue to decline. They will become less hospitable to raising families and conservative Catholic values. In time, they will become totally inhospitable to Catholics in general. You know it’s true. We’ve seen this before in nations that turned Marxist, and began persecuting Catholics. This is the trajectory of the blue states. It cannot be stopped now.

The Evangelicals are starting to realize this themselves, and they’re writing about it. Andrew Torba, the CEO of Gab Social and co-author of the best-selling book “Christian Nationalism,” a book I wrote the prologue to, has just published an article wherein he sounds the alarm that the United States, as a whole, cannot be saved from its own self destruction. I wrote something similar in a previous blog entitled 2022 Election Post Mortem. Yes, I’m afraid the writing is on the wall, so to speak, and it really is over. We can no longer focus on trying to “save America” by political means. We’re passed that now. The only thing left to do, as Torba put it, “build and balkanize.” I said something similar in my blog about the election. The United States is going to collapse, and when it does, it’s going to balkanize into separate nations. These will be primarily along political lines, not race, culture or language. It’s going to be a political breakup, and when it happens, you don’t want to be on the wrong side. Even before the breakup, things will still be bad for practicing Catholics in blue states.

With only a few exceptions, most of the Catholic bishops in blue states are worthless. They’re more concerned about politics than the gospel, many of them have hidden sexual abuse, and they are usually very unfriendly toward traditional and conservative Catholics. You have nothing to gain by staying under their jurisdiction. They will not protect you when persecution comes, and some have even shown a propensity to betray the faithful when times get tough.

The only solution, indeed the only reasonable solution, is to get out of the blue states. You need to realize that if you’re a practicing Catholic, living in a blue state, you’re “behind enemy lines,” and things will only get worse for you and your family until you leave. Nothing else will solve the problem. Your only two options are exodus or martyrdom. And the time for choosing is NOW.

I am going to strongly recommend that you find refuge by moving to the deep red states, vote straight-ticket Republican in those states, and make them redder. This is the best defense for you, your family and your posterity. Moving is never easy. For most people it’s quite difficult actually, but it needs to be done. You are no longer safe in blue states. You are already a pariah to the current political establishment there and those who support it. Eventually, you will be targeted. That is guaranteed. You will be persecuted. You will be marginalized. You will lose your rights. You will be treated harshly. Your property will be vandalized. And yes, eventually, they will come after you personally, beat you, lie about you, and ultimately put you behind bars. We’ve seen this before in Europe and Latin America. Nothing is new under the sun. Only a fool would say “it could never happen here.” That’s exactly what they said in every Marxist country just before it happened there.

So in moving to a red state, I think your best candidates are in the Old South, particularly the area called the Bible Belt. I know this is strong Evangelical territory, but let’s face it, Evangelical Protestants have done a much better job resisting Marxism than Catholics have. We can learn from them on this point. You will still find many Catholics in the Bible Belt, and some great Catholic parishes too! More on that later, but for now the states I’m going to recommend to you are as follows…

  1. Texas,
  2. Oklahoma,
  3. Missouri,
  4. Arkansas,
  5. Louisiana,
  6. Kentucky,
  7. Tennessee,
  8. Mississippi,
  9. Alabama,
  10. West Virginia,
  11. Virginia,
  12. North Carolina,
  13. South Carolina,
  14. Georgia, and
  15. Florida.

While moving in or near a big city may be necessary for you, mainly for employment reasons I’m sure, I would recommend actually living as far away from the urban areas as possible. Cities in red states are less likely to riot or have civil unrest, but they are not immune, and there has been incidents of that happening now and then. Finding a small or midsize city might be a good compromise that would keep you far enough away from big-city problems.

Of course, you’ll want to get plugged in with a good Catholic parish too. You’ll find them just about everywhere in the Bible Belt. Catholics are in the minority, but not absent. They do exist, just in smaller numbers. This can be good, as it can give you a sense of a more tight-knit community in your parish. So keep that in mind. First, you’ll want to check out the map at Reverent Catholic Mass (dot) Com for suggestions on conservative Catholic parishes. Here you can actually find some of the best Catholic parishes, that offer some of the most traditional liturgy, where the pastor is not afraid to speak up about orthodoxy and key moral issues. Because you are moving, you will have the luxury of picking where you want to live, and that means you can conveniently place your home within reasonable distance of one of these parishes. Like I said, however, you can still find a Catholic parish just about anywhere, whether on this map or not.

When you’re ready to make the move, I recommend contacting Real Estate for Life (dot) Com. They actually cater to practicing Catholics like yourself. Contact them, tell them you’re a practicing Catholic, and ask for some help. Many of their agents are practicing Catholics too, and know exactly what you’re looking for and how to get you there.

Finally, once you have made the move, make sure you’re doing what you need to do to protect your new home. You will need to start voting straight-ticket Republican, especially for state and local offices, if you already haven’t been doing so, and yes, you do need to vote. It’s the only way to prevent the Marxists from following you to your new home. You don’t want to have to relocate again, do you? Look, I’m no fan of the Republican Party. I’m not even a Republican myself, but I vote straight-ticket Republican anyway because I know this is the only way to protect my home and my family from the influence of Marxism. Republicans are far from perfect. They have many flaws, and sometimes they even suck. However, there is one thing they’re usually pretty good at, and that’s keeping Marxism out of our government. Sometimes, it may be the only thing they’re good at, but if that’s all, it’s good enough for me.

I recently wrote a blog on Christian Nationalism. I explained what it means and how to be a Christian Nationalist. That’s how we, as Catholics, need to start thinking. It’s written right into the doctrines of our faith. It’s called Catholic Integralism, but that’s just a five-dollar-word for the same thing. Sadly, too few of our Catholic bishops have been teaching this, and because of that, Marxism has run amok in many Catholic countries. I strongly recommend learning more about it by reading my blogs on the topic. If you want to resist Marxism, this is the only way.

My grandmother and her family were driven out of Cuba because of Marxism. My wife and I were driven out of California because of rising Marxism. I’ve had enough of that crap, and you probably have too. Today, I live around hillbilly Evangelicals in the Ozark Mountains of the Bible Belt. Why? Because you can make as much fun of them as you like, but when it comes right down to it, they’re smarter than most Californians and Cubans. They have always rejected Marxism, and never once given it a foothold in their lands. Now, I intent to help them in their fight. Wherever you go, in whatever red state you end up in, embrace your neighbors there. They may be very different from you, but that difference may be the very thing that has helped them resist the Marxist Left and preserve their freedom — and now yours.


  1. Dear Shane,

    Thank you for these thoughtful and prophetic articles. I agree with nearly everything you say. Continue to keep us on our toes and in touch with the reality all around us.

    Sincerely In Christ Jesus,
    Larry Clarence Lewis
    Ontario, Canada.


    1. It’s leaning red now, actually just pink, but that’s okay. I saw this happen with Missouri back in the 1990s. I witnessed, and took part in, the transformation of Missouri from a blue state into a red state. The process took about 20+ years, but we did it, by building business, passing castle laws, and attracting conservatives to come live here. The same thing is starting to happen to Virginia and North Carolina.


      1. Lots of “red” folks from here in Illinois are heading south, of course. Just as many are heading to red areas of Indiana, which is most of the state. Realtor friends in the Hoosier state confirm this.

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      2. The red wave continues, making red states redder, resulting in blue states becoming bluer. I was part of that red wave in the early days (90s). We turned Missouri from light blue, to pink, to solid red over the course of 20 years.


  2. I sometimes wonder how long it will be before the Federal government decides stop social security checks to retirees like my wife and I if we do not toe the line or take a different political stance than the approved one on top of being Catholic. My brother and his wife live in MO and have been after us to move there with them. That’s a big move from NH, besides I wonder if it would make more spiritual sense to remain in the midst of one of the most secular part of the country simply to share our faith as a voice crying out in the wilderness.


  3. Those who live in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Nebraska and the Dakotas are doing a pretty good job of repelling the woke idiocy. Montana and Wyoming are both becoming more traditional conservative and less libertarian as we speak. It isn’t easy and takes time as the author says.


  4. I wrote a comment a few days ago but it was never posted. Was something wrong with it? I need to know so I don’t make the same mistake again. Thanks


  5. It amazes me that anyone would disagree with your assessment. I am baffled that good people believe the last two elections were honest. Because I no longer trust our institutions, I am skeptical of everything they say. That includes the Church hierarchy. The Church may need a schism Herself. It is such a mystery why God allows such division. Truth eludes half the world.


  6. “Apparent election fraud?” Such as?? Given the number of courts in both blue and red states and judges appointed by both Republicans and Democrats (including judges appointed by Trump himself) that have examined allegations of election fraud and found them to be a complete joke, such an assertion only serves to diminish the already fragile arguments the author portrays in his doomsday scenario. As a regular mass attending Catholic in a major urban city in a blue state, I can assure you I have felt anything but threatened, attacked, diminished, discriminated against or marginalized. I see plenty of Catholic heterosexual couples around me still marrying, having children, sending them to school and being fully engaged in the civic life of the city. There is nothing wrong with Bible Belt hillbillies. But they are by no means the only option for those living a Christ-centered life in our country.

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  7. While I appreciate your candor and certainly see the evil happening, you have left a huge component out of your article and that is God, Himself. My husband and I live in a horrible blue state and our hearts want to move, but God has put a definite stop on our hearts desires–for now. Truly, I think everyone needs to be prayerful about such a huge decision, because outside of God’s will, it might not be the best thing for them. He has a plan and I trust in that.


  8. The Protestants of today also don’t have some of the cracked ideas about Catholics and our Faith that prior generations did. (One good to have come out of the internet…) That helps avoid the tensions that used to exist for Catholics in the Bible Belt. The, “Y’all are the Whore of Babylon!” Protestant is a much rarer creature.

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