Take Back June for the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The month of June has been co-opted by the secular usurpers as LGBTQI+ month. (I swear, this acronym gets more letters every year.) Popular Catholic author and YouTuber, Dr. Taylor Marshall, likes to call it the “LMNOP movement” of the alphabet people. I concur with his label of the “alphabet people,” as it seems just as much appropriate as it is accurate. I would like to add to it though, in order to show the utter absurdity of the alphabet people, by calling it the LGBTQI+LMNOP movement. The secular usurpers of Christ the King have turned sinful actions and sinful inclinations into an identity movement. Wherein they literally identify people by their particular sin or temptation, and tell the world that refusing to embrace their sin and temptation, and refusing to encourage them to continue to sin, is tantamount to rejecting the identity of these people as persons. It’s a ridiculous argument to be sure. Shall we identify people by the sin of adultery too? How about fornication? The message of Jesus Christ, which turned the whole ancient world upside down, is that you don’t have to identify with your sin. We can be reborn, or “born again,” and be made new, simply by following Christ the King.

The month of June was dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ long before anyone had even imagined such a thing as LGB, or LGBT, or LGBTQ, or LGBTQI+, etc. The Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ has been attached to the month of June for literally centuries! It is only the actions of the secular usurpers of Christ the King, who have tried to take this month away from Christ, and use it to promote sin. In June, we see a plethora of rainbow flags (the rainbow being a symbol of God’s judgement and mercy the secular usurpers stole and turned into a symbol of “pride”), parades of indecency that celebrate sin, along with scores of marketing by soulless corporations throwing Christians under the bus, while they pander to sin in an attempt to make a few extra dollars. Government leaders do the same, pandering to the votes of those who suffer from sinful acts and inclinations, at the expense of Christian society and the common good, living up to their designation as secular usurpers.

The symbol of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ is a calling. It’s a calling to all Christians (Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant) to put Jesus Christ into the center of their lives. To devote themselves to him as Lord and Savior, making him KING in their own hearts in a relationship of love. Evangelical Protestants often refer to this is “accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior” and “having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.” Catholics generally don’t care for this terminology, because it’s been used against us so much, but in practice however, it’s basically the exact same thing as the image of the Sacred Heart. It’s about putting Jesus first, and developing our relationship with him as the King of kings. That means we make him the King of our personal lives, and of our families and homes. He’s not like the kings and governments of men, who reign with an iron rod and brute force. No, he is the King of hearts, and he rules through love. The invitation of the Sacred Heart is to draw close to Jesus Christ, by learning to love him through appreciating how much he first loves us. The following 2-minute video further explains…

The devotion originated in France, with Sister Margaret Mary Alacoque, who said she learned the devotion from Jesus during a series of apparitions to her between 1673 and 1675. Sister Margaret Mary described her experience of the Lord as follows: “My divine Heart is so passionately fond of the human race and of you, in particular, that it cannot keep back the pent-up flames of its burning charity any longer. They must burst out through you and reveal my Heart to the world, so as to enrich mankind with my treasures.” The Sacred Heart of Jesus is often depicted in Christian art as a flaming heart, shining with divine light, pierced by the spear-wound, encircled by the crown of thorns, surmounted by a cross, and bleeding. Sometimes, the image is shown shining within the bosom of Christ with his wounded hands pointing at the heart. It is commonly seen in the homes of Roman Catholics, Western Orthodox, High-Church Anglicans, and even some Lutherans. However, any Christian may place such an image of Jesus Christ in one’s home, and doing so visibly shows the place of Jesus in that home as the King of hearts.

In the Catholic Church, two great celebrations occur during the month of June. These are the Solemnity of Corpus Christi (Body of Christ) which usually falls in June on Thursday after Trinity Sunday, or 60 days after Easter. The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart is celebrated 19 days after Pentecost Sunday, which usually falls in June as well.

Corpus Christi is usually marked by Eucharistic processions through the streets or around church buildings. The Eucharist is the bread used during communion, which is consecrated and transubstantiated into the Body of Christ. Even if some Christians don’t believe in the miracle of the transubstantiation (explained in John 6), participation in such processions is still a fine way to show devotion to Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords. Think of it as a Christian parade. It’s not loud or rambunctious. There are no elaborate displays of pornography and perversion, such as we often see in LGBTQI+LMNOP “pride” parades. It is just a simple march of Christians following King Jesus through the streets. Even if you’re not Catholic, I highly recommend quietly participating in one.

While the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart has a specific feast day on the Roman calendar, the entire month of June is devoted to its observation, and the devotion itself is more of an interior devotion. Instead of exterior and public processions, the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ is a personal commitment to enthrone Jesus as the King of your heart, and a rededication to following him by developing a relationship of love for him. For this reason, any Christian can experience devotion to the Sacred Heart, regardless of denomination or affiliation. It is truly a devotion for all Christians.

It is time for Christians to reclaim the month of June from the secular usurpers of Christ the King. For every pride parade, there should be ten Eucharistic processions. For every rainbow flag, there should be ten Christian flags of various kinds…

We should reclaim June as the month of annual rededication to Jesus Christ, and we should encourage Church attendance for those who have slacked off or fallen away. June should be the month we remind everyone that Christianity is both a personal and public (never private) relationship with Jesus Christ. Religion is the public expression of that relationship, while personal prayer is the private expression of that relationship. June belongs to Jesus Christ and his Sacred Heart. Let’s remind the world of that!


  1. We consecrated our home to the sacred heart and are so deeply grateful. We need to be clear with who we CHOOSE. Firm with our faith, so that it can not be misunderstood. If we are people of the Word and sacrament, then we do NOT change it or want to change it. We surrender to it. Too many are confused and they can not fight or identify the spirits. I was once one of these confused souls, but by His great mercy He rescued me. Please pray for the confused souls , that Christ gives them a chance to choose Him.


  2. I been thinking about this too that at very deep level this is about the pride of the temporary will of man set against the humility necessary before the eternal wisdom of God.

    So this month, I let these signs remind me of my sin and use it remind me that June can be thus celebrated with humility before the Sacred Heart of Jesus in personal and corporate atonement.

    My attempts and failures to do this remind me of how much we need the grace of God that flows from that Heart so wounded by our sin.

    So let’s not be disturbed by the many manifestations of pride this month, but look to His Sacred Heart in humility, for it is to humble and contrite hearts that the Lord chooses to make his home.

    And his presence within changes everything. God bless your work.


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