A Petition for the Latin Mass in Arlington

Taking a cue from Father Z, I’m going to try something new for me. Please let me know if you like it. The following is an article from CNA which can be viewed here: 2,800 Catholics sign Traditional Latin Mass petition delivered to Arlington bishop. It’s a good piece, well done, and very informative. My comments in bold italics.

Nearly 2,800 supporters of the Traditional Latin Mass have signed a petition addressed to Bishop Michael Burbidge of Arlington. Just 2,800? I’m surprised it’s not more. Though I am sure, a large number of TLM supporters are trying to stay off the radar, fearing reprisals of some kind. The organizer tells CNA he delivered that petition to the bishop’s office on Monday.

The document asks Burbidge to lift restrictions he recently imposed on the celebration of the sacraments in the Extraordinary Form. Restrictions that were not only unnecessary, but likely put in place to appease Francis’ War on Tradition.

“In the spirit of the Synodal Path Ah! Trying to speak their language, I see that the church has embarked upon here we go!, we humbly ask that you engage in consultations with the faithful of each parish church potentially affected by restrictions on the Traditional Latin Mass,” reads the petition very diplomatically I might add, which was originally published online at Change.org on Jan. 14. “And we pray fervently that you might offer permission to allow the Extraordinary Form and other traditional sacraments to continue across the Diocese of Arlington.” It’s so sad, that the Faithful have to plead with their bishop to allow Catholic tradition.

The petition organizer, 36-year-old Noah Peters of Fairfax, Virginia, told CNA that he handed a printout of the signed petition to the receptionist at the Diocese of Arlington’s main office Jan. 31. At the time of its delivery, the petition listed nearly 2,800 signatures from around the world, with 2,551 signatures from the United States, he said. Hmm. This doesn’t sound good. If the signatures are not from members of his own diocese, the petition will not likely go far.

The vast majority of those, Peters added, featured Northern Virginia addresses. That helps!

“I decided to keep signers from outside the diocese because many indicated in the comments that they had family here or otherwise attend Mass here,” Peters told CNA. And I’m sure some attend to escape the reach of their own bishop, but few will ever admit that. I should point out here, that the climate of FEAR in the Catholic Church is tragic. Many liberal bishops have incited terror among the faithful who are attached to the TLM, or tradition in general. I am aware of many diocesan Catholics who attend ordinariate masses (of English Patrimony) as well, in various cities throughout the United States. They often keep their identities secret for the sake of FEAR of their bishop or archbishop. What a tragic commentary on the state of the Catholic Church today. Is this really the legacy these bishops want to leave behind? A legacy of fear and terror to a sizeable percentage of their diocese and surrounding areas? “For example, one woman said that she drove two hours each Sunday from Maryland to attend a TLM in our diocese, because our Masses are so beautiful and reverent here!” Actually, this is pretty common. I hear similar stories all the time. Stop and consider the tragedy of this. What does this say of the current lot of bishops and their leadership?

The Diocese of Arlington is one of the two Catholic dioceses in Virginia. Twenty-one of the diocese’s 70 parishes offer the Latin Mass, one of the highest percentages among U.S. dioceses. And this likely explains the continued success of the diocese. Tradition works! It brings in the Faithful and the $$$. It’s shocking to me that so many bishops are wiling to sacrifice the Faithful and the $$$, all for the sake of fighting Francis’ War.

The petition began earlier this month after Burbidge issued a statement concerning the celebration of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form in the diocese. While the bishop did not restrict any of the existing Traditional Latin Masses in the diocese, smart he said there is to be no “scheduling of new celebrations of the Sacraments (such as baptisms and weddings) in the Extraordinary Form.” not so smart

Peters described how he hoped Burbidge would respond to the petition.

“I am hoping and praying that Bishop Burbidge carefully considers the overwhelming response we received and the many comments, which are quite moving,” he said. Along with the petition itself, Peters delivered the comments that Catholics left on the petition.

Those comments, Peters said, showed the impact of the Traditional Latin Mass on Catholics. Yeah! It’s huge! I’ve seen lives changed by tradition, not just the Traditional Latin Mass. Tradition works. It makes good Catholics better, and marginal Catholics good. It even converts some people to the Catholic Church. I’ve seen priests radically changed, and improved, because of tradition.

“The comments describe, for example, how the TLM has led converts and fallen-away Catholics alike to full communion with the Church; how it has strengthened families; how it has comforted grieving widows; how it has led to many vocations; and how so many in the diocese pray fervently that they might be able to raise their children in a traditional liturgical life,” he said.Yep! Tradition works! Sorry if this offends, but it is what it is. Destroy tradition, or deprive tradition, and you cut your legs off at the knees. “There were also numerous comments from people who primarily attend the Novus Ordo but love the TLM for special occasions and see its beneficial fruits within the Diocese.” Of course they do. MOST Catholics do. It’s just a small, albeit loud, minority of Catholics who despise the TLM, and tradition in general, but for some reason our pope and our bishops want to appease that group above all.

Original Source Material: https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/250266/2800-catholics-sign-traditional-latin-mass-petition-delivered-to-arlington-bishop

The rest of the article is great, and I strongly recommend giving it a read. I love the part about the Jew who converted to Catholicism specifically because of the Traditional Latin Mass.

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