Christ Our Victory

The Triumph of Christianity over Paganism (1868)
Gustave Doré (1832-1883)

Two Millennia ago, the eternal Logos (λόγος), or “The Word” of God, the First Cause of the universe, who created all things, and from whom all things were made (John 1:1-3 & 14) became flesh and dwelt among us. From this singular act of mercy, all others would issue forth. It would stretch backward in time, beginning with his miraculous conception in the womb of his immaculate mother, to the writings of Israel’s prophets, to the giving of the Law of Moses, to the exodus from Egypt, to the promises made to Abraham and his offspring. It would likewise stretch forward in time, starting with his miracles and culminating in his sacrifice on the cross, bringing forth his glorious Resurrection from the dead, prompting his Ascension into heaven as King and the descent of the Holy Spirit to indwell his Mystical Body on earth — the Church. The story of his victory echoes on through history. The underground Church, persecuted by the Jewish leaders and the officers of Rome, came to become the official religion of the world’s greatest superpower at that time — the Roman Empire. His victory continued to overcome the ignorance and superstition of the world. First, the Greek and Roman pantheon fell. Then, the Celtic pantheon, followed by the Germanic pantheon, eventually leading to the fall of the Aztec pantheon in the Americas, as well as the animist spirituality of Africa. His truth continues to march on, conquering everything that stands in its way.

The babe lying in the stable has become the King of the universe. That’s not to say he wasn’t King before, as the eternal Logos (λόγος). He was. But his incarnation into human flesh made his Kingship more personal, elevating humanity into his Kingdom directly, as we became his literal, flesh and blood relatives. To have both a spiritual, and a physical, relationship with God is a privilege the angels themselves can only marvel at. So it was, when they spontaneously burst into song on the night of his birth (Luke 2:8-15).

Besides his earthly parents, Mary his immaculate mother, and Joseph his adopted father, the first creatures to behold His Majesty where the animals, the beasts of the earth, in the stable. They beheld the One who, at the end of history, would someday release them from their bondage to endless struggling and death in this world. Then the poor and meek, the dirty and smelly shepherds of the fields beheld the Good Shepherd of souls, the one who would redeem them, and save them from the wolves of this world, to resurrect them holy and glorified at the end of this world. So the story goes on, from the Nativity to the Epiphany, when the Pagans from the east, Magi, likely magicians who were highly-educated advisors to kings, studying the heavens, trying to find meaning in the stars, came searching for him. These great ambassadors, sent from the Pagan nations bowed down to him, delivering their finest treasures. So with them, the great subjection of the Pagan world to His Majesty had begun, and continues to this very day. Every Pagan cult and superstition exposed to the truth of Jesus Christ has eventually yielded, every single one, without exception. And while some Gentiles have stubbornly fallen-back (apostasy) into the worship of their false gods, they can never fully retake the ground that was lost. Pagans once ruled the world. Now they struggle for recognition.

The two greatest challenges of our time, Marxism and Islam, will one day bend the knee as well, to the King of kings, because they have to. It’s inevitable. Nothing can stop the reign of King Jesus. It can be stalled. It can be delayed. It cannot, however, be stopped. Even at the end of the world, when the enemies of Christ will believe they’ve finally beaten him, by crushing the Church and killing his followers, Christ will again snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, bringing life from the dead, and a New World to replace the old. Nothing can stop the Lord of history, the King of the universe, the eternal Logos (λόγος) and First Cause, God made flesh.

Merry Christmas!!!