Western Civilization will Fall: Abandon Ship!

It’s no secret. I’ve been harping on this topic for years, and so have many others. I know it’s unpleasant to talk about, and people would rather not hear it, but it needs to be said. Western Civilization (the remnants of Christendom) is collapsing, and it will soon completely implode. What was once Christendom was hijacked by the Enlightenment and Freemasonry about 300 years ago. The brave new world they tried to create quickly resulted in a two-class society that was seized upon by Marxism — the inevitable backlash to runaway capitalism. All attempts to stave off Marxism (contain it) with centralized, market regulation (Keynesianism) have failed, and Marxism is now the global trajectory of the West. This includes the United States, with an insurmountable national debt, and no way to deal with it except through inflation and managed decline of American society.

If economics were our only problem we could deal with that, but I’m afraid the crisis is much, much worse. Under the Masonic/Enlightenment ideal of separation of Church and State (Secularism), the West has thrown off the moral restraints of Christianity, embracing all forms of hedonism, which has resulted in the destruction of families. We now live in perpetual revolution on all fronts, leaving our society in a state of sexual, moral, social, economic and political anarchy. The ongoing riots in our major cities are just a symptom of this problem, and they will get worse, much worse. We are in free fall. Western Civilization is over. It is now just a matter of time before total collapse.

What does total collapse mean? When Americans think about social collapse, we tend to think in apocalyptic terms. Movies and television shows like Mad Max, The Walking Dead, I Am Legend, War of the Worlds and Planet of the Apes pretty much define how most Americans look at such a topic. Hollywood has had such a profound effect on the American psyche that looking at the end of civilization as anything other than apocalyptic wasteland is a very difficult thing for Americans to do. In addition, the poor state of public education in the United States doesn’t help things either. From what little most Americans remember of their high school history classes, there was this thing called the Roman Empire a long time ago. It collapsed and that was bad… very bad. Then followed a thousand years of darkness until Columbus discovered America. The End. The fact that most Americans couldn’t even tell you exactly when the Roman Empire ended, combined with the fact that most Americans have no real knowledge of the Middle Ages, only exacerbates the problem. To Americans, the fall of a civilization means the end of the world, followed by at least a thousand years of darkness, horror and death. It doesn’t matter what their political affiliation is, or their religious beliefs. Most Americans (heavily influenced by post-Enlightenment thinking) see the millennium between the Fall of the Roman Empire, and the discovery of the New World (AD 476 – 1492) as the “Dark Ages.” So when you point out the obvious connections between the fall of the Roman Empire, and the impending fall of the United States of America and Western Civilization, it’s not hard to see why most Americans would react in horror. Their minds just shut down, and they prefer not to talk about it at all.

The term “Western Civilization” means the modern world as defined from Western Europe and the Americas. While certain European nations have played huge roles in building Western Civilization (France, Spain, England and Germany), the United States of America has become the undisputed symbol of what Western Civilization has achieved and hopes for. Birthed from the Enlightenment period, and built on Enlightenment ideals, under the care of Freemasonry, the United States embodies a vision of the New World Order. That phrase is even printed on our money in Latin (Novus Ordo Seclorum). Western Civilization did not come about on its own. Just as the Romans built their empire on the back of Greek civilization, so the Freemasons built their Enlightened “New World Order” (or Western Civilization) on the back of Christendom. The Roman Empire looked like the Greek Empire, but it was not the same. Likewise, Western Civilization looks like Christendom, but it is not the same. Romans resembled Greeks but they weren’t Greeks, and Freemasons resemble Christians but they aren’t Christians. Thus, the Roman Empire, for all its power and glory, was just a knockoff of Greek civilization. Likewise, Western Civilization is just a more powerful knockoff of Christendom. Neither the Romans nor the Freemasons had the imagination or will to build something entirely new. They had to “borrow” it all from their predecessors.

Rome eventually collapsed, as all great regimes eventually do, but what came out of it was not the millennium of darkness that most Americans wrongly envision. Sure, the sacking of Rome itself was tough to watch. The short-term lawlessness in some areas was probably hard to live through. But truth be told, the average farmer in Spain probably didn’t realize that Rome had been sacked until months or years later. Life went on virtually unchanged in the Eastern half of the Empire too, which looked to Byzantium (Constantinople) for political guidance in the wake of Rome’s power vacuum. If you didn’t live in the City of Rome itself, or its surrounding municipalities, chances are the effect of Rome’s collapse was probably minimal on your day to day life. The people who suffered the most from Rome’s collapse were the people living in Rome, and its surrounding municipalities. That’s because there is a principle in politics which follows a simple law of nature. Just as nature abhors a vacuum, so does political power. Whenever a political vacuum is created, say by the fall of a major government or two, it’s immediately filled by another political power. The people closest to the old political power feel the most pain during the transition. The people most removed from the old political power feel the least pain during the transition. Political vacuums never last long. They’re filled rather quickly, for better or worse, and periods of political anarchy are usually contained and short lived.

What followed the fall of the Roman Empire was not a thousand years of darkness, but rather the flowering of Europe! As the empire broke apart, new powers took over the regions they could handle, forming new sovereign countries, which we know today as France, England, Spain, etc. Along with the flowering of new nation-states came the advance of technology, medicine, science and the arts. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the Roman Empire was built on the backs of slaves. The institution of slavery played a major role in Roman civilization. After the Roman Empire fell, the institution suffered a huge blow, as it no longer had the backing of the state. The type of civilization that bloomed in the wake of Rome’s collapse was feudal, and it was built on the peasantry instead. Within peasantry there were three classes: slave, serf and tenets. All of them had rights under Christian feudalism, which came to be known as Christendom. The Catholic Church made sure of that. The rights of peasants far exceeded those of Roman slaves. Women had more rights under Christendom as well. They could even own property, collect rent and hire servants. The term “Lady” was the female equivalent to the medieval word “Lord,” which usually meant a landowner with some financial and social status. I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point. The Roman Empire fell, but people lived on, and what they built in its wake was far better than what existed before. Rome fell, but it wasn’t long before life improved for most people, especially the lower classes, in medieval Europe (Christendom). That thousand years the Enlightenment Freemasons dubbed “The Dark Ages,” was actually a pretty good time for the majority of people, and it was that foundation the Freemasons used to build over, giving us what we know as the Modern World and Western Civilization today. Some have speculated that the Freemasons even stole ideas from Catholic Christendom, repackaging them in Enlightenment terms, to build the United States Federal government.

So what’s the point I’m trying to make here? The point is this. We are on the cusp of the biggest civilization collapse the world has ever seen. It’s probably going to be pretty bad for people who live close to its power sources. Major cities are going to be quite the mess for some time. Capital cities (like Washington DC for example) may become quite difficult to live in. However, when our current civilization finds itself in the throes of anarchy, new political powers will swoop in as they always do, for better or worse, setting up new systems of governments, new countries, and a new way of life. It all usually happens rather quickly. In fact, the worst places to live are usually those places still holding on to the old government and old way of life.

Western Civilization is about to go the same route as ancient Rome. The United States will likely be the epicenter of the transition, and that means the current federal government (as we know it), is going to collapse. Any city closely tied to that government is going to feel the full effects of its fall. Obviously, Washington DC is going to become a hellhole. Major American cities will likewise experience turmoil: New York, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, St Louis, Portland, Seattle and Los Angeles, etc. The riots that have so far erupted in these places are just the beginning of sorrows, a small preview of things to come. Life in those cities will be hard, perhaps very hard, but it is merely a transitional thing. It will last a good long while, but it won’t last forever. Then Washington DC will totally collapse. The Federal government will crumble. The fall of the United States, from within, will bring about the collapse of all Western Civilization. The 300-year-old world of Enlightenment Freemasonry will come to an end. What will follow is unknown, but that largely depends on us, we the people. We will soon be forced to live in whatever kind of world we create for ourselves. So we might want to make sure the world we create is a good one.

The new societies and civilizations we create can be as good or as bad as we make them. We can choose to remake our world in the light of Christ, or we can allow the forces of darkness to have their way. It really is up to us, because when Washington DC falls, the door will be wide open to make whatever we want. We already have a good example of how to do that with Christendom, and we still have the remnants of that old system all around us, buried under the edifice of the Enlightenment New World Order. We can remake what was once Christendom, improving upon it with the lessons we’ve learned over the last 300 years.

So the question now is this. What do we do to prepare? How will we endure this transition? We need to mentally prepare first, and we can do this by abandoning ship. We need to mentally and emotionally separate ourselves from the dying civilization around us. Break ties with those things that bind us to the system. Do whatever it takes to break free. For some, this might mean getting out of politics, especially if you’ve unwittingly made politics into a kind of personal idol. For others it may mean cutting the cable TV, or limiting Internet access. For some it may mean changing your social group. Whatever it is, get off the ship. Abandon ship. It’s sinking! The time has come to save ourselves. The following is a list of recommendations…

  1. Don’t get apocalyptic. This is not the End of Days. The circumstances are not ripe for that yet. Not to worry, that generation will come (eventually), but as bad as things are right now, this isn’t it. It’s important to keep our heads out of the clouds in times such as these. Don’t expect God to come and rescue you in some mythical “Rapture” that’s an unbiblical concept to begin with. Now is the time for prayer and action, not sitting on our bums expecting God to just fix it all for us, so we can escape from the consequences of our national sins.
  2. Get out of the big cities. Small to midsize cities will probably be okay. But major metropolises are going to be hard hit when the US Federal government implodes. Some people choose rural life. Bully for them! If you’re up for it, do it. However, as a person raised in Los Angeles County, who moved to the Ozarks of Southwest Missouri, I can tell you that rural life isn’t for everyone. I now live near a midsize city.
  3. Get out of the blue states and move to a red state. But if you do this, don’t be a fool. Your voting habits (if you vote at all) must change to reflect the culture of red state America. Otherwise, the locals won’t like you very much. I mean it. This is a real thing. If you vote Democrat in a red state, the locals are going to look down upon you. Some will make you feel unwelcome, and a few may tell you to go back to where you came from. I advise people to wait at least 2 years, before registering to vote, when moving from a blue state to a red state. This is so they have time to learn and understand the local culture, before they start meddling with it. It’s just common courtesy.
  4. Become Catholic, and by that I mean real, authentic and orthodox Catholic. Find a good parish that celebrates a reverent Catholic mass and teaches orthodox theology. You can find one easily at ReverentCatholicMass.Com. Learn and educate your family using the Baltimore Catechism exclusively, and read my book for answers to tough questions. A civilization hasn’t fallen for 1,500 years, and the only religions in existence today, which have seen and know how to endure such things, are Catholicism and Judaism. I highly recommend enhancing and fortifying your Christian faith by becoming Catholic. Read my book and you’ll understand why. Evangelicalism, and Protestantism in general, do not have the fortitude to withstand the chaos that’s soon coming. They will both undergo radical changes in the years ahead, and I would venture to say many of those changes won’t be good.
  5. Network with other like-minded Christians. Make lots of friends with like-minded Christians.
  6. Buy property: whatever you can afford. Try to buy it close to a ReverentCatholicMass.Com parish: the closer the better.
  7. Try to forget about politics entirely. Get off the political forums. Be more skeptical about political messages, and what politicians tell you. They lie. You know that, right? They lie to your face constantly. Start acting like they do. You’ll be wiser and happier in the long run.
  8. Vote less and pray more. It’s okay to vote, but if you’re looking for a political solution to this nation’s problems, you won’t find one. All of it is going to collapse soon, both on the political Left and the political Right. Jesus is King! That should be the Christian’s one and only political ideology. Pray the Rosary. Pray the Office. Pray, Pray Pray! Don’t stop praying. Commune with your King, Jesus Christ, and bring your political problems to him.
  9. Get married, if you’re not already, and have as many kids as you reasonably can. Don’t be afraid to have a relatively large family. Even if you need to accept help from others, and even the government (while it lasts), because in the end that’s the only way we can rebuild a new civilization on the ruins of the old. We must have the children to do it.
  10. Homeschool your children. If you need help, go to the following: HSLDA, Retrograde Academy, Our Lady of Victory School, Catholic Heritage Curricula and James Madison High School. Explore these links and find out what works best for you. (Remember, there is no “perfect system” to educate your children. You need to figure out what works best for them.) You’ll discover that some states are better homeschooling states, so consider that when moving to a red state. Some of the best homeschool red states are: Alaska, Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. There are some blue states that are good for homeschooling too: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey and Connecticut. Keep in mind that educating your child in the public school systems, or even the Catholic parochial schools, exposes them to the same corruption that is destroying Western Civilization, and tying them to the US Federal government in a way that will make things exceptionally hard on them as the government and civilization collapse. Just look at how COVID-19 has already wrecked havoc on the public and Catholic schools. The rise of Critical Race Theory (CRT) insures that things will only get worse in these schools. Save your kids. Get them out!

The above ten recommendations are designed to help you (and your family) detach from the sinking ship, and prepare to rebuild a new civilization when this current one collapses. The time to save America, and Western Civilization, has passed. That window has closed. It’s now time to move on and think about the world of tomorrow, how we’ll build it, and what we need to do today to prepare for the transition. It’s going to be a very “interesting” time.


  1. After reading your article on popes commiting heresy, I just wanted to say that the Vatican I council says “for they knew very well that this see of St. Peter always remains unblemished by any error, in accordance with the divine promise of our Lord and Saviour to the prince of his disciples: I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail; and when you have turned again, strengthen your brethren [60] .

    This gift of truth and never-failing faith was therefore divinely conferred on Peter and his successors in this see so that they might discharge their exalted office for the salvation of all, and so that the whole flock of Christ might be kept away by them from the poisonous food of error and be nourished with the sustenance of heavenly doctrine. Thus the tendency to schism is removed and the whole church is preserved in unity, and, resting on its foundation, can stand firm against the gates of hell.” meaning they cannot commit heresy.


    1. I understand what your saying here, and I empathize with you on this. However, there is a minor detail that needs to be pointed out…

      Just like papal decrees, ecumenical councils are only infallible when they say they are. In other words, there is a “note of infallibility” attached to the specific statement the council intends to make infallible. In this case, that note is attached only to the small portion that says the pope is only infallible when he makes statements on faith and morals ex cathedra.

      The rest of the document from Vatican I is merely explanation, to help the reader understand “why” the infallible statement is being made. This explanation itself is NOT to be understood as infallible.

      So what you quoted above is the explanation of the infallible decree, which can be fallible. In this case, however, I wouldn’t dare say the explanation is “wrong” or “in error.” Rather, I would say the explanation must be taken in context of the infallible decree and not vice versa. So when it says what it says, we should understand it to mean they are talking about the pope making infallible decrees ex cathedra, and that should be the primary context it’s interpreted in.

      We should not misinterpret the above explanatory statement to mean the pope is infallible at all times.


      1. I understand that but be careful of how your criticize the pope, it can become grave matter. I also wanted to say if the clergy has told you to stop blogging about it, it’s best to obey and stop. The vatican once silenced St. Padre Pio and banned him from public masses and other things, he replied by saying “The will of the superiors is the will of God.” People protested and weren’t happy but Padre Pio actually was disappointed in them for complaining and replied by saying “I must repeat that I am very disgusted by the unworthy behavior of certain false prophets who speak in my behalf … they should stop this false and unworthy propaganda, but meanwhile they have followed in their morbid fanaticism, not caring about the supreme authority of the church.
        I turn, therefore, as a son most humble and completely obedient to the Catholic Church … With profound humility I kiss your sacred ring and profess myself to your excellency your most humble and obedient son.” So instead of complaining and saying some stuff about the pope, hold still, pray and trust in God. Don’t be so harsh and always be obedient to the Church. Otherwise it can be grave matter. A true catholic will be obedient to the vatican, his parish priest and bishop.


  2. Great article but I proclaim that it is actually ABORTION that has destroyed civilization. Most of the entire world has legalized inhuman, wicked baby murder and proclaimed it a legal right. Freemasonry and Enlightenment and Marxism cannot explain this depravity of the world today.


  3. I understand the basic thrust of this article and agree with the general points. However, it seems to fall in line with some of the previous reactions to previous crisis events in western civilization. Reactions to these events in the past were often met with resistance tactics of the past rather than with new and/or innovative approaches. Crusades were a good example. Individual rulers led individual armies and their efforts were of limited and temporary success. Lepanto had a measure of unity but the Protestants held back and later paid the price with the predations of the Moors, Mamalukes and Turks on their territories and commerce. The cited effects of Freemasonry are pretty much diminished today by the greater threats of militant secularism, socialism and authoritarianism disguised as nationalism, all of which oppose religion and fixed standards of moral behavior. Finally, the branding of those who want a modicum of moral order and behavior as extremists is one of the most effective weapons used by the left to promote their agenda. The steps proposed in this article are well considered but I am afraid that more will be needed to prevent the equivalent of the fall of Rome.


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