Was the 2020 Election Fraudulent?

I, Shane Schaetzel, categorically reject the 2020 election results. I believe they were fraudulent and Joe Biden is an unelected president. I will always reject the 2020 election results, as there is too much evidence the election was fraudulent, and I no longer believe in the American electoral process as it currently exists. If massive election law overhaul and reforms are made by 2024, I might possibly be willing to reconsider my position for future elections, but not until then.

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  1. Where is the evidence the elections were a fraud? To call the elections fraudulent, requires a denial of every aspect of the U.S. system of government, federal, state and local level. I find it incomprehensible the people I have trusted all my life, I am 81 years old, would in this election deny me the right to have my vote counted. How do you feel about the people you have trusted all your life?

    Tom McGuire


    1. Here’s the evidence you asked for. Please keep in mind that Mike Lindell is NOT the originator of this evidence. He has only documented it and works to get it out to the people in the face of massive censorship from Big Tech and Big Media. The evidence itself was collected and analysed by the some of the nation’s most well known and respected attorneys, computer programmers and mathematicians. This, combined with thousands of eye-witness affidavits saying they saw the process happen right in front of them, plus video evidence of it happening in some places. There is far more proof here than needed. The ONLY thing keeping us believing in the American election system is sentimentality. I’m not a sentimental person….
      Absolute Proof Video
      Scientific Proof Video
      Absolute Interference Video

      The fraud was perpetrated only in key states, but it was enough. It happened because of COVID-19. In the panic, the legislatures in key states delegated their constitutional responsibilities to oversee election law to the governors, or agencies under the governor’s control.

      This allowed nefarious people to take advantage of the situation, which they did.

      I’m sorry the people you trusted all your life betrayed you. They betrayed me too. I no longer believe in American democracy because of them.

      That said, it all depends on where you live. I live in Missouri, and our election laws are good here, for the most part. So I trust that my votes cast are legitimate in this state. That means state representative, governor, US representatives and US senators, even the US President are validly counted votes — in Missouri. But I can’t control what happens outside Missouri.

      Here are the states I don’t trust: Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. Those states alone are enough to turn an election, and they did. I believe if you live in any one of those states, you live in a banana republic where elections are fraudulent and your votes don’t really count.

      I’ll never trust the American system again, not without major election reform across multiple states. If that happens, I’ll reconsider, but I’m not holding my breath.

      It’s important to place our trust in God more than government. God is in control of this nation. God chose to allow us to have an unelected President for this time period. I don’t know why. I cannot read the mind of God. All we can do is wait and see now. Maybe it will become more clear later on.


    1. I have a problem with “absolute proof” as a result of science. First, what is the meaning of absolute in science? Second, to be valid as science there must be peer review. No peer review was presented, so I am not willing to accept that the material presented is scientific. I agree with the comment about our depending on God, The Spirit of truth is given to us as a guide. What I find here is men telling me what to believe as absolute truth. No human possesses the absolute truth. I find Pope Benedict XVI gave a good description of how we humans can be guided by the Spirit of truth to find the truth on our human journey.

      “It is not fitting to state in an exclusive way: ‘I possess the truth’.“The truth is not possessed by anyone; it is always a gift which calls us to undertake a journey of ever closer assimilation to truth. Truth can only be known and experienced in freedom; for this reason we cannot impose truth on others; truth is disclosed only in an encounter of love.”


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