Rumors Of Insurrection

An Emergency Message from the President of the United States

From the President of the United States, down to conservative pundits all over the Internet, there are rumors that a “false flag” insurrection event is about to happen. The theory is that Left-wing, agent provocateurs are attempting to incite “armed protests” by Trump supporters at the United States Capitol Building and at state capitol buildings across the United States. Some have even speculated that the impeachment of Donald Trump itself was part of an attempt to goad political conservatives into an armed confrontation. Why would the Democrats want to do that? The answer is simple. Such an act would give incoming President Joe Biden all the political cover he needs to invoke the Insurrection Act, which would effectively make it possible for him to shut down free speech and round up any (and all) conservative voices that Democrats don’t like.

This is no laughing matter. While I have not heard any chatter on the political Right about armed confrontation, at any capitol buildings, I want to send a clear message out to everyone reading this. If you know anybody who is thinking about participating in such an event, tell that person to stop, stand down, stay home and just pray. It’s a trap! The only thing such an act would ever accomplish is the loss of freedom to a whole lot of innocent people, and probably the loss of life for anyone involved.

I have many friends who are in the National Guard. Some are currently deployed in Washington DC. I assure you, they have been given orders to use lethal force against anyone who attempts an armed confrontation. Left-wing agent provocateurs had better think twice before engaging them. It’s not going to be like all the riots they started by attacking police last summer. As for conservative Americans, MAGA patriots, you had better not even be there. That’s not what the “America First” movement is about, and never was.

Violence against the greatest military superpower the world has ever seen (The United States of America) will not end well. Civil war is not the answer. It wasn’t the answer in 1861 and it’s not the answer in 2021 either. It didn’t end well then, and it won’t end well now. If you’re a Christian, you should already know the proper use of weapons per Our Lord’s teaching. Armed insurrection is not allowed.

I have already laid out the only viable approach to our political grievances. We must invoke Article V of the US Constitution, to begin a Convention of States for the purpose of amending the US Constitution in such a way as to return powers back to the states, and reign in federal overreach and corruption. I have likewise given instructions for how to go about accomplishing this task (click here). This is the only way. All other options will fail, and probably cause more problems than they solve.

Please pass this message on to anyone who will listen.