Trump’s Second Impeachment In Context

Police officers stand guard as supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump gather in front of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington DC, January 6, 2021. ― Reuters pic

The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, along with the Marxist-influenced Democratic Party, has announced they will impeach President Donald J. Trump on Wednesday (January 13, 2021). They have the votes. It will likely be done. Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, no friend of President Trump or the “America First” MAGA-Patriot movement, has already called out the measure as partisan hogwash. However, in accordance with the duties of his office, he has agreed to trial the charges at 1:00 PM EST on January 20, after Trump has left office, thus making the articles of impeachment moot. The only way the articles can be tried in the Senate sooner, is if McConnell changes his mind, and decides to schedule a trial beforehand, a highly unlikely move. The whole thing is, in effect, a shameless political stunt, orchestrated by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, to take advantage of the mood of the nation after the storming of the Capitol building on January 6 during the Electoral College vote count. The nation is in shock and despair following this tragic event. Nancy and the Democrats don’t want to let a good crisis go to waste. So they are promptly using this to their advantage. Democrats won this election. We can debate about the legitimacy of that win all we want, but it’s recorded as a Democrat win in the Congressional record. We’ve all heard about sore losers, but what Nancy and the Democrats are proving now is that they’re sore winners too!

Storming the Capital

The first thing I must address here is the storming of the Capitol. As I made clear on social media, in no uncertain terms (while it was happening), this event was a travesty and a crime. Those involved in it should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, without exception. There is no excuse for attacking our national Congress while in session, or defacing our national monuments in the process, in this case being the Capitol Building itself. This is 100% unacceptable. Those responsible must pay. Having said that, let’s move on to analysis of the events.

There were at least half a million Trump supporters in Washington DC that day (January 6, 2021), for the purpose of making a peaceful demonstration against the election results, which half of the country believes to be fraudulent. A recent poll indicated that approximately 75% of Republicans believe the election results were fraudulent, and up to 30% of Democrats believe the same! So the rally in Washington DC on the 6th was understandable, considering the mood of the entire country. It should be pointed out that over half a million people peacefully gathered in Washington DC that day. All they did was wave flags, listen to speakers, chant slogans and play loud music. President Trump called for the rally to be held on the 6th, the day the Electoral College votes were counted by a joint session of Congress, both to demonstrate the people’s dissatisfaction with the apparent election results, and to provide a cathartic release for his supporters during these dark times. However, he made a serious miscalculation.

While Trump called for peaceful demonstrations, in no uncertain terms, he failed to take into account that a small percentage of the people present could be emotionally influenced by agent provocateurs. That is exactly what happened. With over half a million people present, it was a fairly simple task for these agents to siphon-off a small percentage of that crowd for some nefarious mischief. That is exactly what they did. About a thousand people descended on the Capitol Building. This is approximately 0.2% of the total population of Trump supporters present in Washington DC that day, at best. That’s two-tenths of a single percent! But it was enough.

Some videos appear to show the barricades surrounding the Capitol building were moved by Capitol police, to allow the demonstrators to ascend the Capitol steps, a curious move which has yet to be explained. This was followed by some protesters being allowed into the Capitol building itself, by Capitol police, which also has yet to be explained. Some demonstrators outside the Capitol began breaking windows, trying to breach the building through the front door. By this time, the majority of Trump supporters on the Capitol steps began to question what’s going on, and these vandals were eventually subdued by them. As for the protesters already inside the building, agent provocateurs appear to have led them, in a heightened emotional state, to breach further into the building, attacking Capital police, breaking windows, and attempting to push down barricaded doors. By this time they were no longer protesters but rioters, according to the definition of the word.

Vice President Mike Pence, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, were evacuated by the Secret Service to a “secure location.” The rest of Congress was barricaded inside the House of Representative chambers. During the chaos, a handful of protesters actually breached the Senate chambers and took selfies on the Senate floor. Another handful of protesters entered into the offices of Nancy Pelosi, and presumably other Congressional members, also to take selfies. It is reported that some laptops were stolen, and notes were left for Speaker Pelosi on her desk.

It is reported that five people died as a result of the Capitol storming. While the circumstances surrounding some of those deaths remain somewhat mysterious, one was apparently a Capitol police officer who was beaten by the mob, and another was a protester shot by Capitol police. The event has been reported as a major tragedy on Capitol Hill, and will likely be recalled in history books for generations to come.

The tragedy ended when President Trump urged everyone to go home immediately and a curfew was announced. Nearly everyone complied.

The Aftermath

The storming of the Capitol has been used by Democrats and the Marxist Media as a catalyst to incite persecution of President Trump’s supporters nationwide, resulting in the suspension of social media accounts, blocking financial transactions, and threats to target all those who worked for the Trump Administration. Marxist social-justice warriors on the Internet have harassed Trump supporters, even to the point of filing false police reports against them. Big Tech (Google, Apple and Amazon) targeted a conservative social media platform (Parler) for deletion. Parler was a Twitter competitor and no longer exists on the Internet as of the date of this writing (January 11, 2021). It’s unknown if Big Tech was working on behalf of Twitter’s interests with Twitter’s knowledge and support. Democrats and the Marxist Media now feel embolden by their election wins in Congress and the Whitehouse. In the spirit of sore-winners and cry-bullies, they are now trying to destroy their political opposition after having beaten them. Perhaps Democrats and the Marxist Media can’t see it right now, blinded by the current zeitgeist, but their actions today will likely be recorded in history as an abysmal display of prejudice and abuse of power.

To put it into perspective, about 75-million Americans voted for Trump in November. Of those supporters, about a thousand stormed the Capitol on January 6. Now, let’s do the math. 1,000 Capitol protesters/rioters, divided by seventy-five million voters, means that approximately 0.001% (one-thousandth of a percent) of Trump supporters participated in illegal trespassing on Capitol Hill, and only a small percentage of that number actually got inside the building. As bad as the event was, and it was horrible, we’re talking about a very small number of actual Trump supporters here. Those criminals should be arrested, most especially the people who got inside, and those responsible for violence and vandalism should pay the price. However, we’re talking about a ridiculously low number of people in comparison to all those who supported Trump in the 2020 election. To use this national tragedy as an excuse to persecute Trump’s supporters is beyond stupid, which can only be explained by bigotry and hatred towards them.

Shaming Half of America

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is leading the Democrats, and a few turncoat Republicans, in an impeachment proceeding after a failed attempt to get Vice President Pence to remove Trump, by declaring him incompetent to serve, invoking the 25th Amendment. The question begs to be asked, with less than a week until Biden’s inauguration, why on earth are Pelosi and the Democrats doing this? They won the election! Trump will be gone on January 20. What’s the point? Not even Biden supports it.

The answer is simple. This is an attempt not only to shame President Trump as he leaves the Whitehouse, but it’s also an attempt to shame 75-million American voters. It’s a way of punishing Trump’s voters for daring to support the man, and challenge the rule of the deep-state swamp in Washington DC. It is a warning that we should not get so uppity again. In effect, Pelosi and the Democrats are saying to half of America: “We are you masters! Don’t you ever forget that! You ungrateful peasants! Now sit down, shut up, pay your damn taxes, and do as you’re told!”

Pelosi would like for McConnell to trial the impeachment before Trump leaves office, in the hope he’ll be removed forcibly just days before he’s set to leave anyway, which would effectively bar Trump from ever running for political office again. McConnell (still no friend of Trump) will have none of it. He’s indicated the trial will not take place until after Trump leaves, which makes it a moot point. He cannot be removed from office after he’s already left office. The Articles of Impeachment will likely then be dismissed as frivolous on those grounds. Pelosi knows this, but doesn’t care. If she can’t bar Trump from future office, she can at least shame everyone who voted for him, which is good enough for her and the Congressional Democrats. They can’t have American voters ever challenging the DC swamp again, and this impeachment is designed to put them in their place.

Healing America

After elections, it’s usually customary for the winning party to start talking about healing and reconciliation. This is especially the case if the election was contentious, like this one. Make no mistake about it, such talk is bullshit. They never mean it, and we know this by the actions that follow those words. This time will be no different. We have no reason to believe it will be.

In previous blog entries (here, here and here), I’ve pointed toward invocation of Article V, under the US Constitution, to convene a Convention of States, for the purpose of proposing amendments for ratification by the states. This may be the one and only way of effecting real healing in this nation. We have to get delegates from the states talking about national healing outside from Washington DC. This is because the swamp cannot be trusted with the process. It’s like using foxes to guard the hen house. The DC swamp is the problem. The swamp is the primary reason why America is so divided right now. The swamp was the cause of the last civil war, and is leading us toward another one. So the swamp must be bypassed, and left out of the process entirely. Delegates from the states must discuss these issues, and propose ways of settling them, as far away from the DC swamp as possible, and members of Congress (as well as the Supreme Court and Administration) should be barred from attending the event. Their incompetence, negligence and corruption is the very reason why the event must be held in the first place. Therefore, I propose that the Convention of States, once invoked, should probably be held in a place like Anchorage, Alaska.

The Article V Convention of States is just a political band-aid that, once completed and the amendments ratified, could provide our nation with the necessary political relief that may allow some time and space for social healing to occur. Social healing, however, can only come when Americans finally decide to take the teachings of Jesus Christ seriously (for a change) and learn how to not only forgive one another, but also respect one another for our difference of opinion, without trying to force our opinions down each others’ throats by the rule of law. This means that conservative Republicans will have to settle for moral laws only in the states that are heavily populated by conservative Republicans. While Marxist Democrats will have to settle for socialist programs only in those states heavily populated by Marxist Democrats. The amendments proposed by the Convention of States will insure that neither side gets to fully impose its will on the other, thus limiting the power and reach of the DC swamp. As for what happens after that, future generations will decide.