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In recent weeks we’ve seen a remarkable Marxist coup unfold before our eyes. What began as a credible public-health threat from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus, has been hijacked into an attempt by Marxist leaders around the world to seize control of the people, business and economies for the purpose of “restructuring” according to a Marxist image. This manifested in the form of extended (and unnecessary) quarantines or “lockdowns,” which did little to stop the CCP Virus, but did much to destroy local and national economies, ruin small businesses, and bankrupt hundreds of millions of people around the world. In the United States, we saw this particularly play out in states like Michigan, for example, where the tyrannical Democrat governor, Gretchen Whitmer, enforced policies so extreme that the rest of the nation watched in disbelief. All of this was followed by protests and riots sparked by one incident of police brutality in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that have consumed the entire United States, Canada and now Europe. This, in turn, is now being followed by city councils, in various large US cities (all Democrat controlled), calling for the elimination of police departments and the creation of an anarchist utopia free of law enforcement.

If I told you this was going to happen a year ago, you would have said I was a tinfoil-hat conspiracy theorist. Now it’s in the news. This, my readers, is Marxism in action. This is the revolution. This is what they’ve been planning for a generation, and if you don’t believe me, watch this. The following is an interview of a former KGB agent (a defector) back in 1984. His name was Yuri Bezmenov. It’s definitely worth watching…

1984 Warning from former KGB Defector

When the Soviet Union fell in 1991, do you think all the Marxist planners, thinkers and agitators just disappeared? Are you that naive? Of course not! They just went to work in other spheres. Most of them simply picked up where their KGB predecessors left off in the United States and Europe, to help form what is today known as globalism and the New World Order. In the United States, they completely own the Democratic Party (DNC). The only reason why Senator Bernie Sanders is hated by the party establishment is because he’s honest about it. He takes off the mask of the DNC and reveals it for what it really is, without shame or embarrassment. This is what the DNC establishment cannot tolerate, because they need to keep their Marxist agenda hidden from mainstream suburban voters — for now. And this is why Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaigns for the Whitehouse are repeatedly torpedoed by the DNC itself, in favor of more stealth candidates, who can keep their Marxist tendencies a better secret.

The mainstream media is overwhelmingly Democrat by greater than 80%. They’ve become nothing more than the public relations arm of the Democratic Party. Marxism needs propaganda, don’t you know? And this role is gleefully filled by the alphabet networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, and to a lesser degree FOX), as well as major newspaper outlets like the New York Times and the Washington Post. None of these news companies can be trusted, because they’re essentially Marxist propaganda outlets.

Academia has been overwhelmingly overrun with Marxists as well. Most universities are now Marxist indoctrination centers, as is evidenced by the scores of young people who go into universities with bright hopes for the future, only to graduate as Marxist drones who have abandoned their religion, morality and the values of their parents.

The current unnecessary lockdowns, combined with riots, and police department elimination, are all part of the destabilization process Yuri Bezmenov warned us about in 1984. The demoralization process is beyond complete. Now the destabilization process begins. The end game is underway, and the hopeful outcome (at least to the Marxists desires) is the overwhelming victory of the Democrats in November, seen as a “public mandate” to implement a Marxist regime in the United States. If they are successful, what will follow is the elimination of our civil rights: free speech, freedom of religion, gun rights, property rights and police protection. These will be replaced with civilian-led law-enforcement (meaning laws enforced by Democratic Party operatives within communities and neighborhoods) backed by military martial law for areas that don’t submit to the “new normal.” As we have seen in the headlines in the news today, the Democrats really and truly, without any reasonable denial, want to take away our guns and our police, then tell us when we’re allowed to go to Church and how to practice our religion. In time, blogs like this one will become illegal. They will be shut down, and the bloggers (people like me) will spend the rest of our shortened lives in “reeducation camps.”

The time to act is now, and there will be no second chance. This is it, and yes, I’m not being alarmist when I say, this is America’s final battle. There will be no more after this one. If we fail, the United States will descend into a Marxist dictatorship, civil war and ultimately breakup. Our children will not know peace again, and our grandchildren will never know freedom. If you say I’m an alarmist, fine, say what you want. If one year ago I said the government will tell us we couldn’t leave our homes, riots would burn American cities from coast to coast, and politicians would call for the end of police departments, what would you have said of me back then? Call me whatever you like. I don’t care and it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters to me right now is fighting back in a meaningful way, and I think I know how.

There are still some steps we can take to avoid catastrophe. It’s not over yet, but it will be if we don’t act now. This is the plan I recommend…

  1. We need to support and reelect President Donald J. Trump. I don’t care if you like him, or if he ruffles your feathers. We’re not electing a pastor, priest or pope here. We’re electing a politician, and as far as politicians go, this one is useful. He stands as a perfect obstacle to the agenda of the Marxist Left. This is why they hate him so. He promotes the pro-life cause and religious liberty. Again, you don’t have to like him. I would never suggest that. But you have to admit that when it comes to the pro-life issues, religious liberty and opposing the Marxist Left, he is useful. If that’s the only reason why you would vote for him, it is enough.
  2. We need to support the Convention of States (COS) Project. This must happen no matter if Trump wins or loses in November. If he wins, this will be the way we can reinforce that win for generations. If he loses, this will be the last stop before dictatorship and civil war. Either way, the COS must happen. The COS is the activation of Article V of the US Constitution, which allows the states to propose amendments to the constitution directly (bypassing the US Congress) by organizing a convention. This does not allow the states to “rewrite the constitution” as hysterical detractors say, but rather propose amendments to the constitution just like the US Congress can. It’s a great way to let the states propose the amendments that are needed, instead of the US Congress abusing their power to stall needed amendments, or propose unneeded ones, which happens all the time. About half of the necessary states needed to enact a COS have already passed the measure. Go to the COS website and see where your state stands, plus what you can do to help the process along.
  3. We need to get our kids out of the public schools. This is a priority, and I understand it’s not possible for some parents. If it’s not possible for you, then you need to find a way to deprogram your kids from public school influence, which is very difficult. As for those of you who can get your kids out, now is the perfect opportunity. With the CCP Virus presenting the possibility of a second wave this fall and winter, six out of ten families have already said they are not likely to send their children back to public schools in the fall. They have instead opted to do online schooling through the public school (which eliminates at least half of the problem), or else find another online option like James Madison High School and Time 4 Learning, for example. Or else find a Christian homeschooling option. Most people who choose these options also use church and/or cooperatives to help facilitate things like science experiments, drama, art, music, physical education and socialization. If we’re going to have any hope of undoing the Marxist damage done to our children in public schools, let alone the sexual corruption, disobedience, and encouraged rebellion, we’re going to have to take charge of our children’s education. Otherwise, as Yuri Bezmenov pointed out in the video above, the process will just repeat itself over and over again. Educating the majority of our children at home, is the best way to break the choke-hold Marxists have on our education system.
  4. Send your college-age students to a community college, not a university. Our children should be focused on learning trades and skills, not four-year degrees that leave them unemployed, in debt, and blaming “the privileged white patriarchy” for all their problems.
  5. Financially support small business, particularly those that are family run (if possible). Get away from the banks and support credit unions instead. Support worker-owned cooperatives and larger businesses that offer employee stock option plans (ESOP). All of these things will help redirect money away from Marxist-influenced corporations, which in turn support Marxist causes.
  6. Begin sending your church donations to parishes that support reverent liturgy and traditional religion. These can be found on the Reverent Catholic Mass website. If there isn’t such a parish near you, you could move to live nearby one, or you can start one in two ways. One, if you have an Anglican, Episcopalian or Methodist background, or you know any Catholic who does, you can start an English Patrimony pre-ordinariate group by following the approved instructions on the Anglicanorum Coetibus Society website. Two, if you prefer a Traditional Latin Mass instead, you can talk to Una Voce about beginning the canonical process for making that happen in your diocese.
  7. Pray the Holy Rosary for the end of Marxism in all of its forms. I’ve started my own Rosary Crusade here on this blog, You’re free to join that, or do something on your own. It doesn’t matter. Just pray that God will intervene to end Marxism in all of its forms, especially here in the United States, and also in his Catholic Church.

This seven-point plan should be extremely effective at foiling the Marxist coup currently underway in the United States, if enough people do it. It should also be effective at curbing Marxism from making a comeback in this nation. I cannot speak for Europe. Believe it or not, Europe’s problems are worse than ours in other ways, and their solutions will probably need to be addressed differently. As for Canadians, they can follow this plan too, but it will be harder for them, because their government is more oppressive against such measures. But all is not lost on Canada. Change and renewal is possible. It’s just more of an uphill battle. Americans, on the other hand, have all the groundwork laid already. All we need to do is start building on it. I propose we begin immediately — today — and don’t stop. I believe this is the only way, and you have to admit the plan is reasonable, doable, and simple.


  1. Thank You….You are in my prayers.. By the way the “Legion Of Mary” is a powerful prayer group, I will ask them to add your petition…I have been blessed to start an Ordinariate Paish in Orlando….


  2. Brother Shane, you hit the mark, i have been saying that for years over here in Netherlands, i am persecuted for it, stay catholic, stay strong we will need you overhere oncemore,
    Gideon Krols


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