Coronavirus, Communism and Our Lady

Our Lady of Fatima - Coronavirus

As some of my readers already know, I’m a Respiratory Therapist. My coworkers and I are working on the front lines in the fight against COVID19, or what is also known as the Coronavirus or the Wuhan Virus. In the weeks since this all entered the mainstream news, I’ve heard some pretty outrageous things coming from the mouths of media and political pundits who have never taken care of a COVID patient, don’t have any first-hand knowledge of the disease, but all of a sudden they seem to know everything about it, and all of the conspiracy and intrigue surrounding it. I’m sorry, but I just can’t put a lot of stock in these people or what they say. The best advice I can give you is to ignore about 90% of what you read, hear and see on radio and Internet. I’ll tell you what I can tell you, and I won’t lie about it, nor will I sugarcoat anything. Anyone who’s been reading my blog for any length of time will tell you I’m not one to sugarcoat anything, and I’m a pretty straight shooter. You may not like what I have to say, but at least you know exactly where I’m coming from and that I’m being honest with my opinions.

When it comes to this present predicament our nation and our world now finds itself in, I only know three things…

  1. The virus is real and it is dangerous. It must be taken seriously.
  2. Marxists are real too. They never let a crisis go to waste, and this pandemic is a very big crisis.
  3. Our Lady warned us at Fatima that before her Immaculate Heart prevails, this world would be plunged into the darkest crisis, and that crisis would be connected to the “errors of Russia” — in other words, Marxism.

The virus is real…

I’ve heard just about every conspiracy theory out there, from 5G cell-phone towers really causing the illness, to medication making people sick, to ventilators killing everyone, to Bill Gates planning to sterilize people with a vaccine. Look, I don’t know about any of these conspiracy theories. All I know is the people who come into our hospital, and other hospitals, with COVID19 symptoms are really, really sick. It is a virus, and it is something we’re going to great lengths to protect ourselves from. Many of these patients do need ventilators, and the average run-of-the-mill ventilator settings simply won’t do. They require aggressive intervention, or they will die, and that’s a guarantee.

It isn’t the fatality rate that’s the problem. It’s the infection rate. SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that cause COVID19) is extremely contagious. At the rate it spreads, if it were to go unchecked, it would infect a very large portion of the population in a relatively short time, leaving many people without symptoms, some with severe symptoms, and a few with symptoms strong enough to easily kill them. It isn’t the fatality rate of 3.5% that’s an issue. It’s the large number of people that can get infected that’s the problem. For example; if only 100 people were infected in a given city, that’s only about 20 COVID patients needing hospital intervention, with maybe only 3 to 4 who might die without aggressive Intensive Care intervention. No big deal, right? We can easily handle 3 to 4 patients like that in a typical hospital. But let’s take a city of 1 million people, and lets say that a third of them get infected with no mitigation protocols in place. That’s about 333,000 people carrying the virus. Many of them will show no symptoms at all. They’ll fight off the virus without ever knowing they were sick. But about half of those will show some symptoms. So about 166,500 people will feel sick. About 20% will require some minor hospital intervention. So that’s 66,000 people. Uh oh… We’re starting to have a problem. How many cities do you know have 66,000 hospital beds? The healthcare system will be strained. The good news is, a large number of these people can be given oxygen and sent home to ride it out. They’ll just cycle through the ER, eventually be sent home with an oxygen-concentrator and some tanks, to be returned to the hospital when they get better. But, as I said above, 3.5% will require an intensive care unit, or they will die. In a city with 1 million people, where a third (333,000) are infected, and 66,000 are sick, that means 11,655 will need intensive care unit beds. You’re not going to find that many intensive care unit beds in any city of any size. The good news is, this is just an example. These aren’t real numbers. This is what COULD happen if we did nothing. Thankfully, we’re not doing nothing. In fact, we’re doing quite a bit, probably more than we need to in some cases.

The key to beating SARS-CoV-2 (or the Wuhan Virus), is some type of mitigation. This means we’re doing things to curb the spread of the virus. The solution of many governments is what they call “lockdown” or “shelter in place,” which in my opinion has some limited value, but can’t be done for too long without serious unintended consequences. I would put a “lockdown” limit at 3 weeks. It seems to me that any longer than this would be counterproductive. Sadly, however, most of the United States has been on “lockdown” for 4 to 6 weeks, and some are looking at about 2 to 3 weeks more on top of that! This is unacceptable on many levels.

First of all, as a healthcare professional, I think the purpose of a universal quarantine (or “lockdowns”) is just to slow down the spread of the pandemic long enough to give healthcare systems precious time to stock up and prepare to battle the disease. It’s also to give the public time to be educated on how they can go about enacting their own personal mitigation efforts that are effective and reasonable.

Second, locking innocent people in their homes for more than three weeks is cruel and unusual punishment which is just asking for a revolt. It has many health dangers associated with it, which could be considered worse than the disease in some cases. It spawns the seeds for civil unrest and potential revolution.

Third, during a viral pandemic, the one place you WANT your people to be is outdoors! The more they are outdoors, in open spaces, the less likely they are to spread the disease. The more they are outdoors, the more ultraviolet radiation from the sun will destroy the virus on their bodies, hair, clothing, automobiles, and other personal items. The more they are outdoors, the more the same solar radiation will help them develop vitamin D, which is something their bodies need to remain healthy. The more they are outdoors, the more they can enjoy nature, which is proved to have a calming effect on the human mind, which helps to battle depression, anxiety as well as mental illness. For the life of me, I can’t imagine why any governor, commissioner or mayor would create a “lockdown” that forbids people from going outdoors to parks, lakes, streams or beaches, provided they observed some basic social-distancing protocols. For the life if me, I can’t imagine any medical doctor recommending such draconian measures. It’s absurd! Granted, I’m not a doctor, but I’m not an idiot either. I do have a considerable amount of medical knowledge, far more than the general public, and I just can’t understand why anyone would tell healthy people they can’t go outdoors. It’s mind-boggling to me.

Fourth, universal quarantines (or “lockdowns”) are for neighborhoods and cities, not entire counties and states! One size does not fit all. The infection rate in New York City is not going to be the same as it is in Upstate New York. That’s the same wherever you go. Rural areas are less likely to get hit as hard as densely-populated urban areas. Universal quarantines should reflect this. There really is no reason for a statewide “lockdown” at all, but if you’re going to have one, it should be very short, very flexible and very humane.

My family and I were extremely fortunate in all this. We are in Missouri. Governor Mike Parson (Republican) has been probably one of the most reasonable governors in all of this. He was late to go into the “lockdown,” lax to enforce it, and quick to get out. All the while he encouraged outdoor activities, including; hunting, fishing, boating, hiking, etc., while following social-distancing protocols. When people said they were coming to Jefferson City to protest him, he basically said: Come on up! We welcome you. Just wear some masks and follow social distancing protocols. Those people didn’t seem to take his advice, but at least he didn’t have the police turn fire hoses on them. They peacefully protested. He welcomed it. Then they went home. This is in stark contrast with Governor Gretchen Whitmer (Democrat) in Michigan, whom I’ve heard is quite a tyrant. My heart goes out to the people of Michigan, who have endured much under her iron fist, and to other people in other states that have had to deal with similar governors. May Governor Parson (Republican) of Missouri stand as an example of how to do a statewide “lockdown” right, if you must have one.

So now that the fiasco of “lockdowns” are slowly coming to an end, let’s talk about what they should have been talking about all along. The virus is real and it is dangerous, but we’re not powerless against it. We can all do our part to mitigate its spread, and we don’t have to stay locked in our homes. The way to do this is to simply wear a face mask of some kind. It can be anything. It can be something you’ve made, or at the very least, even a scarf or handkerchief pulled up over the mouth and nose. These should be worn in crowded places where social distancing of 6-feet is simply not possible. That’s about it. There is no need to wear them outdoors when you’re nowhere near other people. You need not even wear them indoors, so long as you can keep at least 6-feet apart from other people at all times. This, obviously doesn’t count for people you live with. Go ahead and be close with your family. Social distancing doesn’t apply inside families, so long as everyone in the house is healthy. Beyond that, there is good hand hygiene. This is the big one and probably does more to help than anything else. Wash your hands regularly, and carry hand-sanitizer (>60% alcohol) with you to use when you can’t wash your hands. Get outdoors. Be in the sunshine as much as possible. Disinfect your personal items from viruses by putting them in direct sunlight for a while. This really does work. Viruses hate sunlight. The solar radiation destroys them. Beyond that, there really isn’t much more we can do, and it’s debatable if we even should do more. We have to live our lives, you know. These small mitigation techniques are highly effective, and give everyone an opportunity to do their part in fighting the pandemic. You don’t have to be a healthcare professional to be a hero. You can be a hero too, right in your everyday life, by just doing a few simple things that I outlined in this paragraph. Your simple actions may prevent a vulnerable person from getting the virus. You may save a life and never know it. It’s not hard. We can do this!

Marxists are real too…

Just as the Wuhan Virus (SARS-CoV-2) is real, so are Marxists. They’ve been around for a long time, and Christianity has been fighting them since 1917. Marxist are gonna do what Marxists always do. They take advantage of bad situations to further their Marxist agenda. “Never let a crisis go to waste” is the motto of cultural Marxism. The COVID19 pandemic is a very, very big crisis, and Marxists will waste no opportunity to seize upon it in some way to further their agenda.

I know there are a lot of conspiracy theories going around on the Internet and YouTube right now. Quite honestly, I think they’re a distraction. We know who the real enemy is, and it’s nobody new. It’s the same people we’ve been fighting for 103 years now — Marxists. Oh sure, they repackage their poison all the time, calling it globalism, environmentalism, and now they’re calling it public health. Whatever! We all know what they are and what they’re all about. Now, thanks to the pandemic, we know who they are too, as they’ve all come out of the shadows and into the light. If there was any doubt about them before, that’s all gone now. These tyrants are as red as an overdrawn bank account, and “overdrawn” is where they’re political credibility now stands.

Where do we begin? Let’s start with that tyrant governor in Michigan. How much you wanna bet she’s got Marxist sympathies? The same can be said of most of these tyrant governors. Wherever there’s a tyrant, you’ll find a Marxist in one form or another. Then there’s the Marxist commissioners and mayors who wouldn’t even let people go into public parks! Then, there’s the Marxist media, which seized upon every opportunity to blame President Trump for the pandemic, after accusing him of colluding with Russia for 3 years! They’re the ones that called President Trump’s travel ban on China “racist” and said he was overreacting. Then they turned around and said he didn’t do enough once Americans started dying. Then there’s the Marxists in the US Congress and state legislatures. You know who they are. They’re the ones who let the emergency powers go to their heads, and forbade people from doing simple things (like going to parks) which couldn’t hurt them or anyone else. They’re the ones who instructed police officers to write tickets to parking-lot church goers. Take note of who these people are. Write their names down and put them on your refrigerators. There’s an election coming up this November. Make them pay for it at the ballot box!

You can’t reason with Marxists. There is no winning them over to common sense. There is only one thing to do with Marxists. Defeat them! Defeat them at the ballot box. It’s the only thing they truly understand. This means not only voting for their opponents, but funding them as well, because it takes money to win elections. I don’t vote for idealistic candidates anymore, because for me, voting is not about idealism. It’s about stopping evil, and Marxism is evil. So I’ll vote for candidates that I don’t even like to stop a greater evil from taking over. So send a few dollars to the Trump campaign, and your local Republican candidates, to defeat the Marxist Democrats in November. Then get out and vote! Don’t be distracted by conspiracy theories on the Internet, YouTube, social media and talk radio. Who cares if any of that stuff is true! We know who the real enemy is, and it’s a very familiar face. It’s time to kick the Marxists out of our ruling class.

Our Lady warned us…

As Christians, however, we know that all action must be backed by prayer, and as Catholics we know that prayer to Our Lady is the most efficacious against the Marxist “errors of Russia.” These errors have permeated every corner of the globe now, even our own soil. They’re in our capitols, state houses and Congress. They’re in our county courthouses, city halls, news media, public schools and institutions of higher learning. They’re literally everywhere, but no matter how big their concentration is, it’s never 100%. That means they have a weakness. That means they can be exploited. That means they are vulnerable. That means we can still win.

But we can’t do it alone. We need the help of Our Lady to intercede for us, and guide us through. This is why I started the 2020 Rosary Crusade Against Marxism in all of its Forms. It’s designed to ask for her intervention against the evils of Marxism, calling for its demise, especially while our nation and the world are so vulnerable to this COVID19 pandemic. Will you join us? Click here if you will.

Our Lady of Fatima warned us that the darkest hours would come just before her Immaculate Heart would prevail. I’m a bit of a conspiracy theorist about Fatima. I believe only half of the third secret was revealed to the public. Both the first and second secrets have an accompanying interpretation for each. But the third secret is missing its interpretation. Instead, what we have is an interpretation given to us by Rome. To which I can only ask; Is our Lady not capable of speaking for herself anymore?  How come she gave an interpretation for the previous two secrets, but seems to be mute on interpreting the third one? Did she forget? Did it slip her mind? Why does she need a bunch of old men in the Vatican to do it for her?

I think we got the vision of the third secret, but we’re missing the interpretation. Somebody is holding it back. So no, I don’t believe the official interpretation from Rome. I think the real interpretation has something to do with the current Marxist influence over the whole world, and most especially over the Catholic Church. I think this COVID19 has something to do with it, and I think there’s more, much more. The virus is real, but so is Marxism, and Marxists are trying to use the virus as a springboard to enact a global agenda. I’m not letting the virus, or any conspiracy theories, distract me from the real enemy or the real conflict. Marxism must be stopped, and somehow Our Lady is the key. That’s why I’m praying a Rosary Crusade Against Marxism. Please join us.

One thought on “Coronavirus, Communism and Our Lady

  1. Good Article, but I don’t believe that masks have any effect. Just to considering the CDC in the beginning told people; you don’t need a mask, then changed their message to; you need a mask. I also believe, that this virus is, despite what you believe is hyped up, and if it’s real, those who get it have had health issues from the beginning.

    There are too many contradictions to list to say this virus is as serious as it’s being made out to be. If it was as serious as they say, I would know many people who would be in bad condition by now. Although your fact about going outside, I do believe with anything plays an important role; I also believe as many are doing being in lock down for weeks only watching Netflix and eating will have a new consequence on society, even if this so called Cornavirus is over completely by years end.

    The economic effects are being felt like water that leaks in every crack, and it’s going to be slow to get everything going again, the rate we are going in North America; by next spring/summer before it’s one hundred percent, but I’ll be glad when it’s running at ninety percent.


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