Victory is Assured


As I wrote in my previous essay, The Catholic Church After Quarantine, the emerging Church is going to be very different than it is today. It’s not going to be what traditionalists want: a return to the pre-conciliar era. Nor will it be what the modernists want: a total transformation of doctrine and sacraments. No, it will be neither of these things. In the emerging Church, neither traditionalist nor modernist will prevail, but rather something much bigger and far more important. What will emerge will undo the era of rupture and decline that has plagued Catholicism for the last 1,000 years. To get there, however, we must go through one final trial, and it has already begun.

We must witness the downfall of the corruption and innovation that has plagued the post-conciliar Church. We’re watching it happen now. It began with the Summer of Shame in 2018, followed by the Year of Obstruction in 2019, culminating in the catastrophic Amazon Synod in October of that same year, wherein the pope himself yielded his office to the Pachamama cult of Pagan idolatry, along with ecological globalism, and syncretism in the Abu Dhabi Accord. This was the Passion of the Church. This current period of quarantine could be likened to the time Christ spent in his tomb before his resurrection. I believe what will emerge will be a laity sifted like wheat. Only the Militant Catholics will return to Mass, the rest will stay at home.

The Early Church did not rise to global status immediately following the resurrection of Christ. No. It was a gradual growth. So it will be with the emerging Church after quarantine is done, growing in the shadow of the corrupt institutional Church, but its a shadow that is shrinking by the month. One day it will be gone, and the emerging Church will be all that remains. I now believe I will see all this transpire in my lifetime, assuming I live to a ripe old age. My children will definitely live to see it.

Do not be discouraged during this Easter Time at home. Capitalize on it to improve your devotional life. Consider the Liturgy of the Hours, the Holy Rosary, Bible study, and other Catholic devotions. Find a Reverent Catholic Mass and plan to attend once the quarantine is over. Let this quarantine become what God intended it to be — a great reset. Make this time an opportunity for your resurrection in the Faith, as it is sure to become a time of resurrection of faith among the laity in general, as we remember the resurrection of Our Lord from that tomb some 2,000 years ago.

Victory is assured, because Christ is our assurance. We will prevail over the corrupt institutional Church because Christ will prevail, and it’s HIS Church. It belongs to him. He owns it. It is, primarily, his responsibility. So He will correct it. We, on the other hand, have the glorious opportunity to become part of that correction.

Wishing you, and yours, a very Happy Easter!


  1. Thank you, Shane, for a wonderful message of faith and hope. These are certainly heartbreaking times, this Passion of the Church — times in which we can choose, like the Eleven, to withdraw in despair,
    or like the women at the cross, to throw ourselves into the distraction of busy-ness, or times in which we can choose to grow deeper in love and trust, in imitation of our Blessed Mother who, despite her grief, persevered in faith and prayer as she anticipated the promise of the Resurrection.
    A happy and blessed Easter to you and your family!


  2. I don’t disagree, Shane, but I am wondering how the clergy fit into the equation.

    When this is over, people WILL remember which priests stuck their necks out for them, and which ones ran and hid under the bed from the virus, leaving the faithful abandoned out in the cold. Shepherds versus mercenaries, as Christ put it.

    People are already ranting in the comments-sections of Catholic websites about how they’re never going to give another cent, “you tell me to make a spiritual Communion and so now I’m going to give you a spiritual donation.” They have a point. It’s called “justice,” and it’s a cardinal virtue.

    The only conclusion I can draw at this point is…that it’s going to get complicated.

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  3. We must remember that priests and bishops, like us are human and sometimes courage evades us such as it did for Peter at our Lords trial. We, the laity must keep praying for them that their faith “be strengthened” and again instruct the rest of us. We must not let past differences and failures drive us to keep grudges but to pray MORE for our priests no matter if they abandoned us during this pandemic, just as the apostles abandoned Christ. Pray for them, forgive them as you would want Christ to forgive you. It’s exactly what I plan to do.

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