Pope Francis oversaw an idolatrous ritual during the Amazon Synod.

As we approach the release of Pope Francis’ Amazon Synod Exhortation (late January or early February), it’s very important to keep your eye on the ball. The objective of the looney Left is to portray traditional Catholics as hysterical retrogrades who cannot handle any change. We MUST NOT let this narrative play out.

As I have warned many times, both on my blog and social media, we have to focus on ORTHODOXY over traditional disciplines. The coming exhortation may include many problematic themes, but the focus will likely be on relaxation of the celibacy mandate for the presbytery (priesthood). If we allow the focus to go to this, the warnings of traditional Catholics regarding the real problems in the document will go mute. We must not allow this to happen.

Regardless of traditional discipline, allowing married men into the presbytery (priesthood) is ORTHODOX. It may not be traditional in the Western Church, but it is orthodox, and we cannot lose sight of this. We must remind people of this constantly. If we don’t, we will come across as hysterical retrogrades and nobody will listen to us.

The real problems in the upcoming document, and I mean doctrinal problems here, may revolve around ecology, focusing on climate change, and entertaining the idea of ordaining women in some capacity. That’s the real danger here, and if we want people to listen to us, we’re going to have to acknowledge the orthodoxy of married clergy, even if that’s not what many of us want.

It’s okay to say we grudgingly accept married priests as orthodox but not preferred. If we say that, we’ve set the stage well for opposing the real doctrinal problems that may emerge in the pope’s upcoming exhortation.


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  1. I disagree about celibacy. I think it is important. However, I worry, and rightly so, that this document will be filled with horrific apostasy that as a whole, it will decimate everything the church stands for! I am terrified of this entire document and except to cry at the reading thereof


  2. Wise words, Shane. Too many people view these sorts of documents as either all black or all white, just as they view various churchmen as always black-hats or always white-hats. Reality is much, much more complicated and requires objective discernment…

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