A Winning Strategy for Catholic Americans


Faithful Catholics and American Patriots now find themselves on the same team, fighting against a cabal of Modernism, Marxism and Globalism that really and truly is hell-bent on world domination. Unlike the Soviet Union or the Nazi Third Reich, this cabal is not planning the military overthrow of Western Civilization, but rather a subversive and gradual takeover from within, using the educational systems and hierarchical structures of both the United States of America and the global Catholic Church. Because you see, the enemies of both Faithful Catholics and American Patriots (irregardless of religion) are now the exact same people. There are two “swamps” (so to speak) of internal corruption, infiltration and diabolical intrigue. These two swamps are in Washington DC and Rome. Both are slowly being drained even now, and as the waters recede, we’re beginning to see that the swamp creatures, which have corrupted both, are one in the same. What’s exposed in Washington DC is also exposed in Rome, and vice versa, showing that these two networks of corruption have been linked together for a very, very long time. These swamp creatures consist of three kinds: Modernists, Marxists and Globalists.

  • Modernists — These swamp creatures are commonly called “liberals,” “leftists” and “progressives” in political terms. In religious terms, they fall under the banner of “modernists.” Modernism is the most condemned heresy in Catholic history, and described by Pope St. Pius X as the “synthesis of all heresies.” Modernists hold to the worldview that Christianity and Christendom are two obsolete paradigms that should be replaced with “new and modern” ways of thinking. They take on many manifestations ranging in everything from church architecture, to liturgical innovation, to doctrinal heresy, to moral ambiguity, especially on sexual matters. Modernism puts forward the notion that the miracles of the Bible didn’t really happen, and that the historic traditions of Christianity are archaic and need to be “updated” for the modern world.
  • Marxists — These swamp creatures are commonly called “socialists” and “communists” in political terms. In religious terms, they fall under the banner of “Marxists” named after the founder of their social, economic and political ideology — Karl Marx. Marxism, in all its forms, has been roundly condemned by the Catholic Church (read more here). They hold to the worldview that private property should be surrendered to (stolen by) the state for the common good of humanity. They believe that the state should run either all, or most, of the business world, and that common citizens should become employees and wards of the state. In doing this, they believe a social utopia can be obtained, whereby poverty is eliminated, hunger is eradicated, disease is significantly reduced, and natural ecology is preserved. In recent years, Marxists have become the most vocal proponents of climate-change theory and population control.
  • Globalists — These swamp creatures are also known as “internationalists,” “free-traders” and “advocates for open borders,” though they also overlap with the proponents of climate-change theory and population control. They push for the reduction and elimination of national sovereignty in favor of continental unions based on economic trading blocks, rather than organic religious, linguistic, cultural and social boundaries. Nations, as far as they are concerned, are nothing more than economies (trading blocks), wherein religions, languages, cultures and societies are totally irrelevant. They push for the creation of continental governments, like the European Union (EU), and creating a global government similar to the United Nations (UN), but with more teeth to subvert national sovereignty and enforce global laws.

All three of these creatures are infested with sexual criminals who prey on children, teenagers, along with young and naive adults. They are heavily involved with sexual immorality of all types, including pornography, pedophilia, pederasty, prostitution and homosexuality. Perversion goes hand-in-hand with these swamp creatures and appears to be part of their regular diet.

Their positions in civil government and the Church hierarchy makes them especially powerful and above accountability. While their day of reckoning is coming, there is little we can do to expedite it, other than drain their resources and make them uncomfortable. In other words, we drain the swamp so they can be exposed to the sunlight. That’s what we need to do. In order to maintain their positions of power, and control of their environment, the swamp creatures need two things. They need our money and our blind obedience. Without these two, they have to work harder just to maintain their status quo, and the longer they need to do this, the sloppier they get. Eventually, they start making mistakes, and that’s how they get caught. So, our job is to just deprive them of money and blind obedience. It’s a type of disruption and interference. It’s something we can do in the mean time, to help the process along. In the end, God will have his day with the swamp creatures, and they will have to answer to him. But we don’t have to remain their victims as we wait. We can run interference and disruption until then, and we should!

So how do we do it, both as Faithful Catholics and American Patriots? There is a fine line for both. If we want to avoid unnecessary complications, or shooting ourselves in the foot, we have to stay within Canon Law (as Catholics) and Civil Law (as Americans). Going outside of either would put us at war with either the Church or the State, and that’s something we don’t want to instigate. The following strategy will keep us within the boundaries of both Canon and Civil law, but at the same time, provide a very effective strategy of disruption and interference to the machine the swamp creatures have used for decades to devour us and our children. The following steps can (and should) be implemented simultaneously, and any common layperson can do them…

  1. Pray for Renewal — Pray daily for the restoration of your family, parish, diocese/ordinariate/prelature/etc., and the universal Church. That the traditional and orthodox Catholic faith may be restored everywhere.
  2. Support Faithful Catholicism — Find a traditional Catholic parish to both attend and support. This could be either a Traditional Latin Mass Parish (find one here), or an Ordinariate Parish (find one here). Ordinariate parishes use the Divine Worship Mass (DWM), which is different from the regular Novus Ordo Mass, and is much more traditional in practice. It can be celebrated in either English or Spanish. You can learn more about it here. To make this step work: all tithes, donations and contributions must be moved away from regular parishes and dioceses, over to one of these two options. This is permissible under canon law, so long as the amount of support remains the same or greater, and so long as you regularly attend one of these two liturgical options. If, however, you’re one of the few lucky Catholics, who happens to live in a parish and diocese where there is no liturgical abuse, heretical teaching, or sexual corruption, then there would be no need to make any changes. If you happen to live in such a place, count your blessings, because you’re one of the few.
  3. Educate Your Family — We can no longer trust either public education, nor religious schools (including Catholic schools) to properly teach our children anymore. Ideally, we should remove our children from these institutions, unless they are particularly rigorous Catholic schools, and when I say “rigorous” I mean in the area of religious and moral instruction, not just academics. Instead, we must work on educating our own children in the faith, and we must do this regularly. The most ideal situation would be homeschooling, but in those cases where homeschooling is impossible, time for Catechism and Bible reading should be set aside every week night. The family should be instructed using the Baltimore Catechism for adults, teenagers, older children and younger children. Bible readings should take into account the children’s age and comprehension levels. Picture Bibles are acceptable for younger children.
  4. Support the Convention of States — The first three steps dealt with draining the religious swamp. These last two steps deal with draining the civil swamp. The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that governments should be ordered according to subsidiarity, meaning that authority should be delegated to the lowest level, closest to the people, and not concentrated at the top. Returning power back to the States will go a long way toward this end. Article V, of the United States Constitution, provides for the states to organize a convention for the purpose of bypassing the US Congress and proposing amendments to the Constitution on their own. Of course, the states will need to individually ratify every amendment the convention proposes. The Convention of States Project is doing very well, and many states have already ratified the proposal, with many more lined up to follow. There are already enough states lined up to enact the convention once they all officially ratify it. Go to this website (ConventionOfStates.Com). There you will find a map of the states that have already ratified, or are set to ratify, the Convention of States. If your state is not already colored green, showing that it’s already ratified the Convention of States, sign the petition and contact your state congressmen, instructing them to pass the Convention of States bill. This will disrupt both the Marxist and Globalist creatures in the Washington DC swamp.
  5. Support Pro-Life and Pro-Christian Candidates — They don’t have to be perfect candidates for political office. In fact, they can be quite flawed (like Donald Trump for example), but so long as they are staunchly Pro-Life and Pro-Christian (credibly so) they will do. This doesn’t necessarily do anything to fix things in Washington DC, and we can’t expect it to, but it does run disruption and interference to the Marxist and Globalist creatures in the DC swamp, because they are almost always Pro-Abortion and Anti-Christian. We need to stop looking at politicians like religious leaders. They are not. When we elect people to public office, we are not electing religious leaders. What we’re electing are civil servants, and these people can be flawed and broken in many different ways. We have to learn how to see past that. Case in point, it is now indisputable that President Donald J. Trump is the most Pro-Life president since the 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade. He’s also been the most Pro-Christian president in equally as long, supporting religious freedom across the board. Yet the man has some deep personality flaws that are anything but Christian. The lesson here is that politicians are civil servants, not religious leaders. What matters is the issues they support, and the actions they’ve shown to prove it. Their personal lives and character flaws are just what comes with the package. We can’t expect these people to be paragons of virtue, or even role models for our children. They’re not. They’re politicians, and we need to understand that. Donald J. Trump was not the president religious voters wanted in 2016, but he turned out to be exactly what we needed in this perilous time. Keep that in mind in the 2020 election and beyond.

These five steps above, if implemented by Catholics and Patriots, will do much to run disruption and interference against the swamp creatures that have infested both Washington DC and Rome. We can’t beat them. Only God can do that, and he most certainly will in time. But in the mean time, we can make the swamp creatures uncomfortable, depriving them of revenue and blind allegiance (draining the swamp), forcing them to act in desperation and occasionally make mistakes. Those mistakes will bring about their demise just a little bit sooner, and it will most certainly foil their Modernist/Marxist/Globalist plans in the mean time. So join the resistance! Become a Faithful Catholic and an American Patriot.

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Shane Schaetzel is an author of Catholic books and an Evangelical convert to the Catholic Church through Anglicanism. His articles have been featured on LifeSiteNews, ChurchMilitant, The Remnant Newspaper, Forward in Christ, and Catholic Online. You can read Shane’s books at ShaneSchaetzel.Com


  1. Outstanding post!
    I am an American living in Rome, and I can’t tell you how right-on your assessment is. Just wait until all the money-laundering in the Vatican Bank is fully revealed, and everyone can finally see whose money it is/was, and where it has been going.
    Then Cardinal Pell’s conveniently timed frame-up will be so obvious …
    Catholics will be horrified to discover what was being done with much of the money they have given in donations …
    And the purification of the Church will be underway. Dear God, please, bring it on!


  2. Thank you, Shane….Great info….Also as a side note.. The Legion of Mary, is powerful weapon we also use to combat these heresies….Also I was blessed to begin a Anglican Catholic parish in 1979, in Orlando”.Incarnation Catholic Church”…..and today we are thriving and fighting the fight….(former) Bishop Louis Campese

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