On Fr. Treco, I stand with Bishop Lopes

As I have been saying from the beginning, there is more to this story than meets the eye, and currently, the ONLY narrative on the Internet is Fr. Treco’s narrative (and that of his supporters). They’re driving this narrative and nobody else. So if we make any kind of judgement, we do so one-sided, with half the facts. We don’t have the bishop’s side. While it would be nice for all of us if some kind of official communication was given from the chancery on this topic, admittedly, there is no obligation. Bishop Lopes is acting like he’s holding all the cards, because he is. Fr. Treco wants to have his day in ecclesiastical court. It’s coming. Let’s wait and see what Rome decides.

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When it comes to the Fr. Vaughan Treco affair, I stand with Bishop Steven Lopes.  I am tired of seeing the bishop cast in a negative light and Treco made into a hero-martyr of “the faith.”

When we came into the Catholic Church we had to give up being our own Pope, that is, deciding for ourselves the Catholic faith is.   And secondly, we had to give up the idea that we could vote on doctrine like a bunch of congregationalists or Anglicans, who in their various synods have brought us such novelties as women priests and bishops and so on.

So I watch the train wreck of Fr. Vaughan Treco’s priesthood with a combination of dismay and sadness.  It seems the words of Martin Luther reverberate down the ages:  “Here I stand, I can do no other.”   And we know how that turned out. 

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3 responses to “On Fr. Treco, I stand with Bishop Lopes”

  1. I see no evidence of Fr. Treco being schismatic, just a truthful shepherd warning his flock. Blind support of a Bishop without evidence is a little stretch of credulity don’t you think?


    • My support of Bishop Lopes is not blind. It’s based on historical evidence of his character.

      The Treco narrative on the Internet is driven entirely by Treco and his supporters. Information is missing. There are holes in the story. Something really big has been left out. Because of this, I say support for Treco is blind. He’s not telling us what was said behind closed doors.

      Either way, it doesn’t matter. Rome will decide this. When Rome does, I will accept Rome’s decision, even if Rome decides against Lopes.

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      • My point is, the Roman Church is not functioning, in her discipline, as she should. This whole organization is not what she claims to be. The Novus Ordo is a completely different religion than its traditional roots. I was almost sucked into this “spirit of Vatican II” Modernist sect. I say this in complete love.😇 But, even though you seem conservative, the spirit of compromise lurks in Rome. I am a committed Traditional Catholic, and would caution you that anyone who is affiliated (including Bishops) can be corrupted by this spirit. You know Bishop Lopes better than i, but remember we serve Christ above and beyond a system corrupted; even the Pope needs to be resisted if he is in error.


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