Resisting The Antichurch

In my last blog I defined what the Antichurch is. Please go back and read it here before you read on. Now, I’m going to give you some bad news along with some good news. The bad news is this. We cannot defeat the Antichurch. By human standards, it is unstoppable. That’s because it breathes, and is animated, by the Devil himself — the Father of Lies — Satan. Natural creatures (human beings) cannot defeat a supernatural being (the devil) without supernatural assistance. So the Antichurch is primarily God’s problem. He will have to deal with it. We can pray, and we should, but the Antichurch will not be defeated until God decides its time has run its course. Now here’s the good news. Even though the Antichurch cannot be defeated by human means, it most certainly can be driven out of the Catholic Church, and in addition to prayer, there are most certainly some very human and natural things we can do to speed that process along. The good news is, we’re already doing some of them. This blog is about how to apply an effective strategy for resisting the Antichurch both individually and collectively, as well as eventually getting it to leave the Catholic Church.


I know this blog is about the human and natural things we can do in addition to prayer, but prayer itself is always where everything begins. Pray the Rosary for the restoration of the Church, fulfill your Sunday obligation, and frequent the sacrament of confession. Study the faith, practice the faith, and teach the faith to your children. Most importantly, if you are of childbearing age, and you’re married, you need to have as many children as possible. If, for some reason, you can’t produce them, consider foster care and adoption. We simply MUST increase our numbers, and the good news is, ours is the only side reproducing.


Cut off the money supply to Antichurch bishops and priests. This seems simple enough, and yet, for some reason, Catholics have a hard time with this one. The strategy is simple. If a priest or bishop is Modernist, he’s likely part of the Antichurch. So, stop giving him money. As Catholics, we are required to support the material needs of the Church. However, nowhere is it defined exactly how to go about doing that. Therefore, that leaves a lot of latitude for protest and creativity. Begin by stopping all direct donations to the USCCB, the CCHD, and Peter’s Pence. Money often sent to these Church organizations frequently gets funneled to various projects favored by the Antichurch.

Then take a close look at your bishop. If he’s involved in any sexual abuse and/or cover-up, then stop all donations to the bishop and his office. If he’s a Modernist, promoting such unCatholic things as “pride masses,” or LGBT, or seems in any way to be a homosexualist, or supports ordination (of any kind) for women, cut off the funding. He gets nothing.

Then take a close look at your parish. If your parish priest seems to be promoting “pride masses,” or LGBT, or seems in any way to be a homosexualist, or Modernist, or supports women’s ordination, it’s time to find a new parish to support.

Once you learn who you shouldn’t donate to, the next questions are; who should you donate to? and how should you do it? Basically, you have three options available…

  1. If both your priest and your bishop are good, then just donate the same way you always have, using the collection plate.
  2. If your bishop is not good, but you want to support a good priest and parish within his diocese, get some like-minded parishioners together and form a religious nonprofit organization. A guide for how to do this can be found here. While the organization is being formed, you and your fellow parishioners should offer to pay some bills for the parish (electric, water, gas, etc.). After the nonprofit organization is legally formed, start putting all your donations into that instead and inform the priest that parish bills will now be paid through the nonprofit. All he has to do is send the bill to the nonprofit you created, and the nonprofit will pay it. It’s as simple as that. Inform other parishioners they can participate too, and they can still write off their donations as a tax deduction. Doing this will allow 100% of all your donations to stay out of the bad bishop’s hands. He won’t even be able to tax the parish’s coffers. The money will be completely out of his reach. To learn more about how this works, click here to watch this video.
  3. If options #1 and #2 aren’t going to work, for whatever reason, then consider giving your donations to another jurisdiction altogether. There are the Latin Mass Associations, such as the FSSP and ICKSP for example. Then there is also the Ordinariate of Anglican Patrimony (POCSP) which is very traditional and celebrates all liturgies in English, ad orientem and serves communion on the tongue while kneeling.

I cannot stress enough how important money is. As Catholics, we MUST support the material needs of the Catholic Church, but the Church doesn’t tell us exactly how to do that. So exercise prudence.


Don’t attend any parish were the Antichurch prevails. If they’re abusing the liturgy, don’t go there. If they’re preaching liberal homilies, don’t go there. If they want you to support issues or political candidates who oppose Catholic teaching, don’t go there! Just use your common sense. Do you really want to take your children into such an environment? Do you really want to support such an environment with your presence? Resisting the Antichurch, and trying to get it to leave the Catholic Church, means making some sacrifices. That means you might have to drive a longer distance to get to a good parish for mass. If you’re not making some kind of sacrifice, even a little one, you’re not helping the cause.

You may need to attend a Latin mass. If the diocese doesn’t provide one nearby, look into this directory here. Also, it is possible to start your own Latin Mass near you, if you’re willing to be patient and bold. An organization called Una Voce can direct you and assist you in this process.

Another option might be the Personal Ordinariates of Anglican Patrimony, which provide traditional and solemn liturgies in Sacred English, wherein the priest celebrates ad orientem and everyone receives communion on the tongue while kneeling. The Anglicanorum Coetibus Society (ACS) provides a map of all such parishes around the world, You can view it here, along with rules for starting your own such community in your local area.

Finally, you can look for a reverent and solemn Novus Ordo mass. These are sometimes called “unicorn masses,” because they are so rare that in some places you could go an entire lifetime without ever seeing one. Examples of what one looks like can be seen here, and here (in English), and here (in Spanish). If you find such a mass nearby, support it with your presence and donations.


There is much talk about the Amazon Synod this October, and what might come out of it. The two things that seem to be in the works are; (1) ordination for married men and (2) ordaining women as deacons. So let’s just assume, for the sake of argument, that the Synod decides to allow both. If that happens, there are certain limits that all good and faithful Catholics must make very clear to the hierarchy…

  1. Ordained married men are not a problem and we WILL attend liturgies where married men are the priests, provided there are no liturgical abuses going on, and the parish is not promoting a liberal agenda.
  2. Ordained women (deacons, priests or bishops) are a very serious problem and we WILL NOT attend any liturgies where ordained women preside.

While some of us don’t particularly like the idea of married men in the priesthood, that’s not a deal-breaker for us. It may be undesirable for a number of us, but it’s not unorthodox or heretical. Married men can even be good priests if they’re traditional and conservative in their approach to the priesthood. (Trust me, I know some, and they make very good priests who oppose Modernism in every way.) This is how it was in the West 900 years ago, and it’s still that way in the Eastern Catholic churches today. So we will accept married priests on a case-by-case basis.

However, the ordination of women is not permissible under any circumstance and it is a deal-breaker for us. That’s where we draw the line. We will not attend any liturgy where a woman presides as a deacon, priest or bishop. This is because, as St. Paul wrote in the New Testament (1 Corinthians 14:34-35; 1 Timothy 2:11-13), and the Church has always taught, and as it was reaffirmed by Pope St. John Paul II in Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, the Catholic Church has never been given the authority to ordain women to holy orders — period. Granted, Pope St. John Paul II was speaking specifically or priestly ordination in Ordinatio Sacerdotalis but when put into the context of Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, it is clear that all offices of clerical ordination (even that of the diaconate) are reserved exclusively for men. There is a deep sacramental reason for this, which I won’t go into here, but suffice it to say it has nothing to do with male chauvinism. It has to do with the fact that bishops, priests and deacons are not separate holy orders, but rather, they are merely varying degrees of the same sacrament of ordination, which all come from Christ. If a bishop and a priest cannot be a woman, then neither can a deacon, for all of these offices come from the same source, and they are all degrees of the same office.

Women have always played important roles in the Church, just not through holy orders. If our Lord intended to ordain women, he would have ordained his mother Mary, the most worthy woman of ordination the world has ever known or ever will know. Yet he did not ordain her, nor did any of his Apostles ordain her.

We have to make this crystal clear to the hierarchy. We will not attend any liturgy where a woman serves in any kind of a clerical state, for the following reasons…

  • Women are not really ordained. The Church has no authority to ordain them. That means you can do an ordination simulation, and make it look like she is ordained, but she is not. It’s a hoax! Any bishop or priest who would try to commit such a liturgical and sacramental hoax on the Faithful is not the type of bishop or priest who should be trusted with anything else. Their parishes and cathedrals should be empty, and any participation in a liturgy, where a woman is passed off as ordained, is participation in sacrilege at the very least.
  • Any parish or cathedral that allows women to simulate holy orders is doing so in a direct violation of Scripture and Tradition. Any parish or cathedral that would so recklessly disregard Scripture and Tradition is not worthy of being attended. Who knows what other violations of Scripture and Tradition lurk therein?
  • All sacraments offered by a female deacon, priest or bishop are null and void. She is not ordained, therefore, she cannot offer any sacraments, except emergency baptism, which any layman can do. So any participation in a sacrament she offers is sacrilege. Nothing good came come of it. If a female deacon assists during the mass, you have a laywoman at the altar and that is liturgical abuse. If a female deacon offers a homily, you have a laywoman teaching at the pulpit, and that is liturgical abuse. If a female priest celebrates the mass, the mass is invalid, and so is the Eucharist. She cannot consecrate it. Nothing happens and there is no transubstantiation. So the bread remains bread and the wine remains wine. The so-called “Mass” becomes no better than a Protestant worship service. If a female bishop ordains new priests, then there are no new priests (neither male nor female) because the female bishop was never a bishop to begin with. She doesn’t have the authority to ordain anyone!

It really is that simple. This is the brass ring for the Antichurch. This is what the members of the Antichurch want more than anything else — ordination of women. By ordaining women they believe they can permanently change the character of Christ’s Church. What they don’t realize is that they won’t change Christ’s Church at all. They will only cut off his Church wherever women are ordained. A female deacon cripples the parish, leaving all her sacramental work invalid and her liturgical functions as little more than liturgical abuse. A female priest kills the parish, and turns the Mass into a Protestant worship service, similar to an Anglican or Lutheran service. A female bishop kills the entire diocese, by extinguishing all her ordinations within that diocese, both male and female alike, making the diocese into a non-Catholic jurisdiction, similar to an Anglican or Lutheran jurisdiction. The authenticity of five of the seven sacraments comes to an end, with the exception of baptism and matrimony. When you “ordain” people who cannot be ordained, you’re not introducing something new into the Church. You’re just removing the sacramental nature of these “ordinations.” You’re creating a fraud and a hoax that is not the Church at all. You’re creating and solidifying the Antichurch.

Why do the members of the Antichurch want female ordination so bad? They think it’s because they’re being “open-minded, progressive and tolerant.” But in truth, the real reason why they want it so bad is because they serve the Antichurch, and the Antichurch is a product of Satan — the Devil. It is the Devil himself who puts this desire in their hearts, because he wants to destroy the Catholic Church. He cannot really destroy it, so he seeks to cut off its influence as much as possible. Ordain women first as deacons, and the devil is successful at crippling any parish they serve in. Ordain women as priests next, and the devil is successful at killing any parish they serve in. Ordain women as bishops last, and the devil is successful at killing any diocese they serve in. And we all know that one will inevitably lead to another. The “ordination” of female deacons is just a stepping stone to female priests, and then ultimately, female bishops. We saw this play out in Anglicanism, and in other Protestant denominations. The exact same strategy is now being used on the Catholic Church. Understand this. The ordination of women in Protestant denominations was just the Devil’s trial run, a dress rehearsal, for the real campaign beginning this October in the Catholic Church. To ordain women is the cut off the sacraments to the Church, and ultimately the Church itself. That’s exactly what the Devil wants.

What does this do to the Faithful? If female ordination of any kind is approved, it limits where we can get authentic sacraments to fewer places, and sadly, because ignorance abounds in the Church, many Catholics probably won’t even realize they’re no longer receiving the sacraments anymore. Wherever a woman serves as a priest, there is no longer a sacrament of confession. The confessions she hears become nothing more than therapy sessions. Wherever a woman serves as priest, there is no longer a sacrament of the Eucharist. The bread and wine remain just bread and wine. The Faithful no longer have access to the bodily presence of Christ, nor absolution for their sins. They remain stuck in their sins, feasting on mere crackers. This is EXACTLY what the Devil wants for the Faithful.


The day will come when members of the Antichurch will no longer be able to abide living with us. They will be disgusted by our unwillingness to go along with female ordination, homosexuality and Marxism. They will label us “bigots” and “haters,” because they don’t know what those words mean anymore. If they did, they would see that they are the real bigots and haters. In the end, they will leave the Catholic Church because it will no longer serve their purpose. They’ll see some bigger ecumenical gathering as more important to them. Or else they’ll mass-excommunicate all of us for insubordination in failing to recognize women as priests. Either way, the real and authentic Catholic Church will be free, because it will be liberated from the Antichurch. I foresee a day when two Catholic churches will exist in the United States. One will be the “National Catholic Church,” which is really the Antichurch dominated by Modernism. The other will be the “Roman Catholic Church,” which is the true Church of Jesus Christ, united to the Pope in the Apostolic Faith, no longer burdened by the gay mafia and heretical prelates.

The above steps to resisting the Antichurch are not mere suggestions. They are literally the only recourse we have to the rise of the Antichurch. As disheartening as it all seems, the hidden truth is we’re winning. This is the purge that’s needed before the Church can be liberated from the influence of the Antichurch. We have to go through this trial if we want to make it through to the other side. Follow the steps above, and you will make it. Seriously, you will not only survive, but you will thrive in the midst of trail.

Shane Schaetzel is an author of Catholic books and an Evangelical convert to the Catholic Church through Anglicanism. His articles have been featured on LifeSiteNews, ChurchMilitant, The Remnant Newspaper, Forward in Christ, and Catholic Online. You can read Shane’s books at ShaneSchaetzel.Com