Why Catholics Can’t be Democrats

Why Catholics Can’t be Democrats


Suppose this were 1930 Germany, and we were listening to some Catholics tell us that while they disagreed with the racial policies of the Nazi Party, they favored the party’s stand on social safety nets and feeding the poor. So that made membership in the Nazi Party okay, right? Or suppose this were 1920 Russia, and we were listening to Orthodox Christians tell us that while they disagreed with the totalitarian atheism of the Communist Party, they agreed with the party’s stand on wealth redistribution, free healthcare, free education and guaranteed housing. So that made membership in the Communist Party okay, right? These are the exact same arguments being employed by Catholics today in 21st-century America in regards to the Democratic Party. As Catholics, they disagree with the party’s position on abortion-on-demand, all the way up to the moment of birth, but they agree with the party’s stand for universal healthcare, affordable education, and green energy. So it’s okay for a Catholic to be a member of the Democratic Party and vote for Democrat politicians, right? Sure it is! So long as you agree that it was okay for Catholics to be members of the Nazi Party in 1930 and for Orthodox to be members of the Communist Party in 1920. If that’s what you’re saying, then yes, it’s perfectly consistent for Catholics to be members of the Democratic Party in the United States in the 21st century.

Obviously, I disagree with that, and I am convinced that the Democratic Party has moved so far away from moral decency that it’s impossible for any Catholic to make the case, in a reasonable way, for why it’s okay for him/her to remain a Democrat, and vote for Democrat politicians. It seems to be the epitome of hypocrisy and contradiction. How could any Catholic be supportive of a party, and politicians, who advocate and facilitate the wholesale slaughter of innocent human life? Could the argument be made that this is worse than what the Nazis and Communists did? I suppose it could. For as horrible as the Nazis and Communists were, one could say that at least some of their victims (perhaps a tiny fraction) were corrupt and wicked people. If just 1% of the Nazi and Communist victims, or even 0.1% of them, were bad apples, then we can honestly say that what the Democrats are doing is worse than the Nazis and Communists. Why? Because 100% of the victims, the Democrats advocate and facilitate the murder of, are completely innocent of all evil. Nobody can say a pre-born infant is guilty of a crime. Nobody can say a pre-born infant is guilty of immorality. Nobody can say a pre-born infant is even guilty of a single bad word or thought. A pre-born infant is the pristine example of innocence, and yet these are the people the Democratic Party works so hard to insure that they are exterminated from the face of the earth. So yes, in my estimation, just on a moral level, what the Democrats are doing is worse than what the Nazis and Communists did.

Then there’s the body count. It is estimated the Nazis systematically murdered approximately 10 to 12 million people, of which 6 million were Jews, which as I said above, not all of them were totally innocent. It is estimated that Communist Russia systematically murdered at least 20 million people, which as I said above, not all of them were totally innocent. While the United States, under the 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade, has systematically murdered approximately 60 million people, and all of them were 100% innocent. This was done with the full support of the Democratic Party, which has defended the act consistently in every way imaginable, even to the point of demonizing those who oppose it. Is the Democratic Party worse than the Nazi Party and Communist Party? Just in terms of murdering innocent people and body count alone, most certainly, YES!

So how is it that Catholics can justify remaining members of this murderous organization? We could talk about the tyranny of moral relativism, which has metastasized in our society like a cancer. We could talk about the endless propaganda of the Democratic Party and the mainstream news media. We could talk about the influence of labor unions and the tendency of people to vote the way their parents did. All of these factors surely play a role. However, I think the greatest blame lays at the feet of the US Catholic bishops, who for decades have allowed Catholics to believe that it’s okay to support a political party that advocates and facilitates the wholesale slaughter of innocent human life.

What would we say of Catholic bishops in 1930 who said that supporting the Nazi Party was okay? What would we say of Orthodox bishops in 1920 who said that supporting the Communist Party was okay? History would not be kind to them. Nor will history be kind to the US Catholic bishops of our time. History will record that when the greatest human slaughter in North American history was underway, the US Catholic bishops spoke only in terms of vague generalities, and allowed Catholics to believe they could politically support those who advocated and facilitated this violence against innocence. History will record that the vast majority of US Catholic bishops allowed Democrat politicians to remain in the Church, and even receive communion, in spite of their support of this unspeakable evil. No, history may not be kind to the US Catholic bishops of our time, but that’s something we’re just going to have to wait for history to sort out.

In the mean time, you don’t have to be a part of this evil anymore. If you’re a Catholic who is a member of the Democratic Party, or you tend to vote for Democrat politicians, the way to disassociate yourself from it, the way to get your name off it, is to leave the Democratic Party and stop voting for Democrat politicians.

I want to make this very clear, I’m not telling you to join the Republican Party, nor am I telling you to vote for Republicans. I’m saying nothing of the sort. What I’m saying is that if you call yourself a Catholic, you just can’t be a member of the Democratic Party, nor can you vote for Democrat politicians. What you do beyond that is your business and your business alone. You can vote for independent candidates, you can join a third party, or you can refuse to join any party at all. There is no law in these United States that says you must be a member of a political party. You can vote in any general election as an independent and nobody will ask your party affiliation.

On a personal note, I come from a family of Democrats stretching back at least a hundred years. My father helped campaign for President John F. Kennedy. All of my grandparents were staunch supporters of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. My parents voted Democrat in every election up until 1984. As a young child, I remember crying when I heard that Jimmy Carter would no longer be our president. I remember my parents’ disgust when they heard that Ronald Reagan (“that turncoat”) had all but won the 1980 presidential election, and that they would still go vote for Carter anyway as a protest. (We lived in California at the time, so the election was practically over by the time my dad got home from work.) But in the early 1980s, something changed for my parents. They remained Democrats but voted for Reagan in 1984, and then G.H. Bush in 1988. They never really changed parties, but instead became more supportive of Republican candidates. Why? While economics were certainly a factor, I believe the abortion issue played a huge role. During the 1980s, the Democratic Party cemented itself as the “pro-abortion” party, while the Republicans solidified as the Pro-Life Party. Back then, Democrats, like my parents, didn’t have much of a choice if they were Pro-Life. They just had to hold their noses and vote Republican. That’s not true for Pro-Life Democrats today.


I am a member of the American Solidarity Party (ASP) now, which is a Pro-Life political party based on Catholic social justice principles. It’s a center-left party, for Catholics, Christians, and all people of good will, who would generally side with the Democrats on economic and social issues, but cannot abide by the Pro-Abortion stand of the Democratic Party. That being said, it’s a small party that was just started in 2016, and until it reaches a large enough size, I’ll be forced to continue to vote for Republican candidates in an attempt to stop the abortion holocaust that plagues this nation. If you’re a Catholic, and a Democrat, please do me a favor (will you?): go visit the Solidarity Party (ASP) website, and look over the platform. Then tell me if that’s not more in line with Catholic teaching. If you find that it is, and you will, then please join me in making a stand. Leave the DNC and join the ASP. Let’s get some Solidarist candidates into office!

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  1. I’ve always been fond of the Pauline call for Christians the world over to be in this world but not of this world and your comment on membership in political parties as a whole is a reflection of this reality I think. Render unto Caesar, that which is Caesar’s, Christians ought to be focused on our fellowship with Jesus and our transformation within this world will follow.

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  2. I agree wholeheartedly with your post, and will continue to pray for those who are so politically entrenched that they only believe what the party tells them to believe. I am so sick of hearing people say, “Personally I am opposed, but…” then support the entire agenda. If the bishops were not afraid of the financial hit, I believe they can take a moral position that over time would show exactly how pro-life Catholics should be and receive new converts for staunchly defending life.


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