How to Survive the Present Crisis in the Catholic Church

The crisis in the Catholic Church is no secret. The Church is infested, at the highest levels, with homosexualists (people who want to normalize homosexuality), homosexual harassers (men who use positions of power to manipulate younger men into gay sex), pederasts (men who engaged in sex with post-pubescent teenage boys), financial criminals, heretics and liturgical abusers. This isn’t the first time in Church history we’ve seen a time such as this, but it may be the worst time, and the consequences are only now beginning to take shape.

In the United States, just about everything besides the heresy and liturgical abuse is criminal, or at least civilly liable, and in many cases, both. In the months and years ahead we will see the manifestation of an FBI/RICO investigation, wherein the US Catholic Church will be treated as a criminal organization. Some sources, in the know, have disclosed to the press that the federal investigation is already underway, people are being watched, finances are being tracked, and the FBI is still in the information-gathering stage at this time. Action comes next, only after the FBI gets everything lined up. So the following actions are imminent. We just don’t know when or where they will happen…

  • Chancery raids
  • Rectory raids
  • Frozen financial assets
  • Property seizures
  • Revocation of tax exempt status
  • Church employees no longer getting paid
  • Passport revocations
  • Extraditions
  • Criminal arrests
  • High profile trials
  • Hard prison time for bishops
  • Bad press
  • Reduction of mass times and availability
  • Parish closures
  • Parish mergers
  • Exodus of many Catholics from the Faith

So in the face of all this, how are Catholics to maintain faith and survive the coming purge that will soon be upon the US Catholic Church. Let’s forget about Rome for a moment. The pope will soon have his own troubles of a different nature, involving international matters and diplomacy. Dealing with the US government may soon become more difficult than dealing with the USSR during the height of the Cold War. Rome will soon have it’s own problems to contend with. What matters to US Catholics is surviving the purge from within our own church.

The first thing we have to understand is that this is God’s will. Before he can judge the world, he must first judge his own Church. The People of God always come first in God’s justice and mercy. So the trials we are to soon face must be looked upon as a cleansing. As bad as they will be, they are soft and gentle compared to what is coming upon the world at a later date. As the Church is purified, the world will be hardened. As the Church moves back toward holiness, the world will be moved deeper into depravity. This is the sign that God is preparing to unleash his justice.

The second thing we have to understand is that this is not the apocalypse. The apocalypse, which foretold the end of the world, involves certain figures (namely the Antichrist) which must gain world control. The early Christians believed this world government would center in the Middle East, particularly from Jerusalem, and that this Antichrist kingdom in Jerusalem would be the world’s leading superpower. We don’t see these things in this present time. So what we are likely going through right now is a precursor to the apocalypse, a trial run if you will, or a dress rehearsal. What we are awaiting in our time is God’s cleansing of his Church, followed by his justice upon the world, followed by an interlude of relative peace and evangelism (of unknown period of time — possibly generations) before the events of the apocalypse.

The third thing we have to understand is that we must have a strategy in place for the sake of our families and ourselves. The following is a list of suggestions, that I believe, if implemented, will not only protect individuals and families from the cleansing coming upon the Church, but also help rebuild the Church from within, as its exterior edifices are torn away…

  • Develop a deep prayer life using the Rosary as the backbone,
  • Attend Mass as a Catholic should, on all Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation, and as often as possible in between,
  • Practice the Sacrament of Confession at least once a month, with a reliable priest…
    • When you confess, use the screen to stay focused, and avoid the occasion of sin,
    • When you confess, be prepared with a list of your sins, and just confess them, the priest is not your therapist,
    • When you confess, be mindful of those standing in line behind you, and don’t hog the priest’s time,
  • Make a sincere effort to learn the faith and teach the faith to your family…
    • I recommend the Baltimore Catechism (children’s or adults) as a good starting point,
    • The US Bishops Catechism, and the Universal Catechism from Rome, are good followups, but always start with the Baltimore Catechism for a solid foundation,
    • After learning the Baltimore Catechism, begin reading the Bible, particularly the New Testament, I recommend the RSV-CE as the best English translation.
  • Find a good Catholic parish, even if you have to drive a long distance…
    • It should have traditional liturgy,
    • It should have orthodox teaching that is not afraid to tackle difficult topics such as homosexuality, cohabitation, abortion and contraception,
    • Consider a Latin Mass parish that is in regular status with Rome and the local diocese,
    • Consider an Ordinariate of Anglican Patrimony parish or startup group,
    • Consider one of the Eastern Catholic parishes in full communion with Rome,
    • Consider a Novus Ordo parish that uses traditional Catholic elements (bells, incense, ad orientem, communion on the tongue) with a pastor who is unafraid to tackle the difficult topics of homosexuality, cohabitation, abortion and contraception,
    • Maybe consider moving closer to a good Catholic parish,
  • Stop giving money to corrupt bishops and dioceses,
  • Don’t give any money to the USCCB, CCHD, or any national campaign.
  • Keep your donations limited to a good parish with solid liturgy and teaching, and to good bishops who actually defend the Catholic faith and don’t engage in criminal activities (such as covering up sexual abuse),
  • Tell other Catholics, and non-Catholics, that the crisis in the Church is due to an infiltration of men into the ministry who no longer believe in the Catholic faith. They are traitors to the Church and Judases to Christ. If the law doesn’t deal with them, God himself will,
  • Report all suspicious activity in the Catholic Church to your local authorities, even if you have to call 911. Do not attempt to discern for yourself if the activity is illegal or not. Let the authorities figure that out. Do not go to your local priest or bishop about it, until AFTER you have reported it to the civil authorities. Remember, the US Catholic Church is under federal investigation as a criminal organization. If you fail to report illegal activities to the authorities, you could be prosecuted as an accomplice to a crime! If you don’t trust the local authorities, and/or you just want to be thorough, contact the FBI directly through their nearest field office.

We will get through this. Follow the above suggestions, and your faith will likely survive this internal cleansing of the US Church. The federal investigation of the US Catholic Church will likely lead to bigger catches outside the Church, as the FBI discovers criminal links to the mainstream media, public education and the federal government. Eventually, the FBI will have bigger fish to fry, and by that time the US Catholic Church will be cleansed, shrunken and made anew, with vitality and fire. I expect this whole process to take about a decade, starting in late February of this year, when the sex-abuse summit in Rome fails to take any decisive action against the problem. So by 2030, the US Catholic Church will be much smaller, much holier, much more traditional, much more orthodox, and much more ready to take on the mission of re-evangelizing the United States.


  1. I would only add that primary action should be taken now by those in authority in the Church. Do not wring your hands in anticipation of what civil authority may do. The operative word is PROACTIVE.

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  2. I travel 15 mi from my house to a great VIBRANT orthodox parish in my diocese when I am able to, since I have major health issues & live in a rural area. My husband must work weekends at his job as a Supervisor at a vacation Resort so he is unable to drive me to a church.

    Our Pastor is from Poland who hears confessions BEFORE each Mass! There is a Latin Mass, a Polish Mass, & two very reverent NO Masses (total of 4 Masses per wknd. which he offers himself). There is A COMMUNION RAIL, COMMUNION ON THE TONGUE, NO ALTAR GIRLS, & plenty of young large home-schooled families, along w/all other ages! He is younger & has a speech impediment but he ALWAYS delivers emotional & truth filled sermons! He shouted that Catholic Democrat pro-death politicians AND the Catholics who vote for them are “DEVIL PEOPLE” & should be JAILED because they are in favor of MURDER for babies & EUTHANASIA FOR ANYONE!!!!

    The nearest church from my house is 10 mi away, has only 150 families w/2 poorly attended Masses. (down from 4 well attended back in ‘06). The small congregation consists mainly of wealthy old nasty SJW Democrat libtards who are territorial & are dying off fast w/no young families taking their places!


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