Time To Vote Republican


Here in the United States we are approaching the Congressional midterm election this coming November 6. Now I personally don’t like talking about politics on this blog, but every two years I make an exception, because even though I am ideologically a monarchist, I do believe that so long as we have a republic, Christians have a moral obligation to vote.

Now before you get all bent out of shape, accusing me of “violating the separation of church and state,” let me give you a little civics lesson. The US Constitution nowhere says that religion can’t influence politics. Sorry, it’s just not in there. In fact, Article I of the Bill of Rights says the exact opposite…

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”
— Article I, Bill of Rights, Constitution of the United States of America

As you can see above, the US Constitution forbids the state from getting involved in religion, but not vice versa. Religion can fiddle with the state all it wants, but the state must stop short of establishing an official state religion. So in other words, we can’t have an official state church in America. I admit that I want one, and I would like it to be Catholic, but I also admit that is never going to happen under this republic, and I accept that for what it is. Now let’s move on.

In addition to religious people (like myself) being free to fiddle with politics all we want, short of starting a state church, as guaranteed by the US Constitution (and my own state constitution as well), there is another civics lesson I would like to make you aware of.

My blog is not a church! It is not a religious institution, nor is it a tax free charity. In fact, there is no incorporation of my blog at all. It’s just little ol’ me chattering away on the Internet, expressing my opinions. I also pay my taxes. So you know what that means? It means I can say whatever I damn well please when it comes to politics. There is no IRS code forbidding private citizens (even religious ones) from speaking their minds on the Internet. So if you think this blog entry is some kind of “violation of the tax code” because of the “separation of church and state,” I invite you to call the IRS and complain. Hopefully, they won’t laugh at you too loudly.

Sorry, I had to write all that because it seems there really are people out there who actually think religious people have to shut up and not say anything about politics because of their warped (dare I say “communist?”) understanding of the “separation of church and state” as well as the federal tax code. Some of these deranged people don’t even think religious people should have the right to vote, let alone speak their mind on politics in the public square. Now that I’ve cleared that out of the way, here is my opinion on the 2018 midterm congressional election…

Every good and faithful Catholic reading this should get out there and VOTE REPUBLICAN in THIS election.

I’m not a Republican. In fact, I’m not registered with any political party. I look at political parties in the same way I look at toilet paper. Use it effectively but sparingly, then flush. I am a member of The Counter-Revolution, but that’s not a political party. It’s more of a social action group. I personally think most Catholics should be fluid in their support of political parties, shifting easily from one to another, as this is the best way to make them all work for our vote.

Now I’m telling Catholics to vote Republican is THIS election because we are facing a greater evil if the Democrat Party regains control of the Congress this November. We saw the shenanigans they pulled at the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. Here we had a practicing Catholic, who was devout by at least common American standards if not traditional standards, and exemplified his faith enough for Democrats to fear that he might actually uphold Catholic teaching and rule Pro-Life on the bench of the United States Supreme Court. Let’s not mince words here, nor beat around the bush. It was BECAUSE Kavanaugh was a relatively devout Catholic (or devout enough anyway) that Democrats feared him. They initially tried the classic “Bork” method to derail him, but when that failed they turned to the “Thomas” method of smearing his good name with false allegations of sexual impropriety. They did this to Clarence Thomas back in 1991, wherein they brought in a woman (Anita Hill) who made elaborate charges of sexual harassment against him, without supplying any proof. The media then sprung into action and began a systematic campaign of destroying Thomas’ reputation. The Democrats of 1991 hoped this would do the trick, and get President G.H. Bush to withdraw the nomination. He didn’t. They hoped it would get the Senate to vote down his confirmation. It didn’t. Clarence Thomas has been a justice on the US Supreme Court for nearly 30 years now. So when they pulled a “Thomas” maneuver on Kavanaugh, they would have to take it much further. I need not recount the horror of what we watched unfold last month. The man was accused of criminal sexual assault, organizing gang rapes and drunken fights at various locations around the country. Not a shred of evidence was supplied to verify any of these claims. Every cited witness denied these things ever happened. One was even the best friend of his main accuser. She denied everything! The special-appointed interviewer, trained in dealing with victims of sexual assault, told the press she would not prosecute Kavanaugh, and her final report to the Senate Judiciary Committee stated the same. The FBI was called in to investigate Kavanaugh for a seventh time! They too found no evidence. From a legal standpoint, Justice Brett Kavanaugh is an innocent man, just like Justice Clarence Thomas, and to say otherwise is to do so without evidence and with great prejudice. Americans fought hard to create a legal system where innocence is presumed until guilt is proved. The Senate Democrats demonstrated last September that they no longer believe in that.

Let’s not kid around here. The Democrats did this to Kavanaugh not because he is a Catholic, but because he is a practicing and faithful Catholic, and that scares the hell out of them! You see, for decades the Democrats have demonstrated, over and over again, that in their estimation, the only good Catholic is a bad Catholic, meaning one who opposes the Church’s moral teachings. If you call yourself a “Catholic” that’s okay, so long as you support abortion-on-demand, same-sex “marriage” and a host of other Left-wing sacred cows. Just look at Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi; both are the poster children of what the Democrat Party expects of Catholic politicians, supporting abortion-on-demand and same-sex “marriage” fully and vigorously. Good Catholics, meaning those who actually believe the moral teachings of the Church, need not apply for political office in the Democrat Party, and they especially need not apply for judicial appointments. Do you doubt me on this? Have a look and see for yourself. This is how Senator Diane Feinstein dealt with Judge Amy Barrett in her confirmation hearing to the Federal Appeals Court this year. Barrett is an extremely devout and practicing Catholic…

Again, let’s not avoid the obvious here. Senator Feinstein’s treatment of Barrett not only bordered on unconstitutional (“no religious tests”) but it also revealed the hand of today’s Democrat Party. They’re terrified of practicing Catholics who actually believe the Church’s moral teachings. Cafeteria Catholics, who deny the Church’s moral teachings, are just fine. But any Catholic, who actually shows any indication that they might actually believe what the Church teaches, is just unacceptable! “The only good Catholic is a bad Catholic.” That’s the new motto of the Democrat Party.

It was Senator Diane Feinstein (Yes, the same one in the video above) who held possession of Christine Blasey Ford’s accusatory letter of Justice Brett Kavanaugh for least least 20 days before the hearings, and had already ordered an investigation of its contents, without telling the Senate Judiciary Committee or Judge Kavanaugh. Why? Your guess is as good as mine, but I think it’s because she was hanging on to it as a last ditch effort to sink the Kavanaugh confirmation should the “Bork” method fail. The Bork method did fail, and when that happened, the trap was sprung on the last day of the confirmation hearings, after testimony was closed. It was a dirty, political trick, that might actually be illegal, and last I heard, Senator Feinstein will be investigated herself for her role in this.

If the Democrats win in November, we can expect more of these shenanigans to come. Only, it will be worse, because they will be in majority power. They’ll control the committees and the process. They might as well hang a sign on the door that reads…

“Practicing Catholics, who actually believe what the Church teaches, need not apply.”

So long as the Democrat Party holds to this ideology, we can never allow them to regain power. This kind of attitude in our federal government will only trickle down to our state and local governments. It will even trickle into private business and corporate employment policies. It’s a terrible example, and so long as the Democrats insist on setting it at the highest level of our government, we cannot let them return to majority power.

Maybe after they lose a few more elections they’ll learn their lesson. We can only hope, but for now, they need to lose, because if they don’t, we practicing and faithful Catholics will. We will lose a lot! We’ll lose our ability to take high-ranking positions in government, and that can only be the beginning of many bad things to come.

Elections do have consequences.

So turn out to vote this November 6, and convince other like-minded Catholics to do the same. We have a moral obligation to stop evil whenever we can. I’m not asking you to vote Republican for the sake of the Republican Party — heaven’s no! I’m saying to vote Republican to block the Democrats in this election cycle. That’s the only reason. It’s time for us to start thinking strategically. We’ll never be able to vote in the kind of government we want, and we’ll never get truly moral politicians. But we can vote to block greater evil from befalling us. If that’s all that voting is good for, then use it accordingly. Yes, use it to block evil. Use it to stop those who want to harm us, discriminate against us, and abuse their power to bring us (practicing and faithful Catholics) down. Because if we allow them to do it, they most certainly will! If world history has taught us anything, it is that.

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