Where to Find a Traditional Mass


I’ve blogged about this extensively, so I’m just going to make this short, sweet and to the point.

The Catholic Church is in full-blown crisis mode now. It is unparalleled since the Protestant Revolution five-hundred years ago. It’s going to get worse — much worse.

The only thing left to do now is protect your family. Get involved in a traditional Catholic parish. This is the best bet you have at surviving this dark time. There are basically three types of traditional Catholic parishes in the Western Rite.

The first type is the Traditional Latin Mass parishes. They are currently the most plentiful and easy to find. Below is a video of a Traditional Latin Mass. There are two types of the Traditional Latin Mass: high and low. The high masses are usually reserved for Sundays, while the low masses are usually done on weekdays. The following link will take you to a site that keeps track of where you can find these masses. It only tracks those masses approved by Rome, so you need not worry about schismatic sources. CLICK HERE FOR THE TRADITIONAL LATIN MASS.

San Juan Bautista Catholic Church, El Paso, Texas


Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, Sacramento, California

The second type is the Traditional English Mass parishes. These use the Anglican Form of the liturgy, which is approved by Rome, and has been described by many as something akin to a cross between the Traditional Latin Mass, and the regular vernacular mass. It is most suitable to Catholics who want the traditional aspects of Catholic liturgy, but have no attachment to the Latin language, preferring instead to worship strictly in English. Below is a video of a Traditional English Mass. This is what a typical celebration looks like in a well established parish. This type of mass can only be celebrated in ordinariate parishes and communities, or on occasion where such communities are in formation. The following link will take you to a website that tracks all ordinariate parishes/communities, and communities in formation. CLICK HERE FOR THE TRADITIONAL ENGLISH MASS.

Incarnation Catholic Church, Orlando, Florida

There third type is a small handful of regular parishes that celebrate a Reverent Novus Ordo mass. They are few and far in-between. Unfortunately, I am unaware of any website that tracts such celebrations of the Novus Ordo mass. If a website is ever developed for this purpose, please contact me here. So finding one is extremely difficult. Below is a video of what a Reverent Novus Ordo mass should look like…

St. Margaret Mary Church, Oakland, California

Sadly, what we see here is not the norm of Catholic liturgy in North America, or anywhere in the world for that matter. What you see above is the type of liturgy envisioned by the Vatican II Conciliar Fathers, Pope Paul VI, and Pope Benedict XVI. It was not to be. Instead we have a liturgy in most parishes that has been largely made Protestant and Modernist.

Liturgy is a form of catechesis. Most people learn less from books and more from doing. Traditional liturgy instructs us through our senses and actions. It acts as a bulwark for sound doctrine and good morals. Where reverent liturgy is lacking, the state of catechesis flounders, resulting in heretical mishaps and moral lapses. If you want good catechesis, you’ll find it in a parish/community that celebrates good liturgy. The two almost always go hand-in-hand.

In the months and years ahead, we cannot risk the development of our families in parishes/communities that compromise on liturgy. Get your family plugged into a traditional parish of some kind, and make haste. Don’t wait to see what happens next. Rescue your family while there is still time. Find a traditional Catholic mass, and start attending there regularly. Then support that community with your prayers, talent and treasure.

5 thoughts on “Where to Find a Traditional Mass

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  1. Shane,
    You may be jumping the gun. The church is always under assault, right from the beginning. Peter denied Jesus, the twelve ran when Jesus was arrested, Judas betrayed him and stole from the common fund, Thomas doubted, etc.
    This is not the first nor the last time that the church will be under assault. Jesus promised to be with the church till the end of time, and so it will be.


    1. I don’t see how this is “jumping the gun.” Things will get better eventually. That I am sure of. What is important now is proper action in this time for the spiritual protection of our families. Placing our families in liturgically and doctrinally sound parishes is essential to their spiritual well being, while we ride out this current storm.


      1. Shane,
        I suppose in some cases what you say is true, but certainly not as a general rule. My parish is by and large sound and vibrant, and there is absolutely no reed to go anywhere. I agree that we must be diligent and continue to shine the light wherever there is confusion and darkness.


  2. For the NO, latinliturgy.com provides a list of Latin and mixed Latin/English Masses. The list has not been updated in a while, but the last update is more recent than what it states on the website. Other than this I don’t know of anything.


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