Our Lady’s Work Has Begun

Praise be to God, Our Lady’s work has finally begun! The prophecies of Fatima are coming to their fulfillment. Many Marian prophecies are now coming to fulfillment, all at the same time. Saint John Paul II’s prophecy of the Springtime of Evangelization is not to be understood in the present tense, but rather a future tense, which comes after the passion and crucifixion of the Church. The passion of the Church began in 2002, and now it is in full swing. We are approaching the crucifixion of the Church next. Then, and only then, will we follow with the resurrection and Springtime of Evangelization.

Make no mistake about it, the clerical-abuse and cover-up scandal is the passion of the Church. It began in 2002, with the public revelation of massive clerical homosexual abuse (pederasty) of teenage boys, and cover-up by the Church’s hierarchy. Since 2002, there have been pederasty networks uprooted in various dioceses around the world: Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Malta, Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, UK, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Peru, etc. There will be more, many more, and what we are witnessing in the United States (US) is now the final straw. Our Lady gave the bishops in the US a full 16 years to repent and clean up their act. They did not. Instead they covered it up, even worse! While making it appear as if they were addressing the issue. The whole thing started in the US, and now, round two is going to begin in the US, reverberating around the world yet again. This time it will be a hundred times worse. Our Lady has pleaded with Our Lord to clean up his Church, and now the cleaning begins.

Like in ancient times, Our Lord uses the forces of the world to judge and purify his people. In AD 70, after the Jewish leaders of the Temple were given 40 years to repent, Our Lord used the Pagan forces of Rome to bring an end to the Temple and the political-religious system that distracted them from the arrival of their Messiah. So likewise, in 2018 and beyond, Our Lord will use the Secular forces of Western democracies to breakup the pederasty rings in the Catholic Church, often referred to as “The Lavender Mafia.” In the United States, we saw the fall of Cardinal McCarrick, followed by the release of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report. The deep roots of The Lavender Mafia have prompted other states to initiate their own Grand Jury investigations, starting in New York, Illinois and Missouri. More will follow. Many more. Once the gravity of the interstate problem is realized, it is all together likely that the US Attorney General will activate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). These are the laws that the government uses to fight organized crime. Once enacted, all federal and state grants to the Catholic Church will cease overnight. Since the US Catholic bishops take in about 60% of their funding for Catholic Charities that way, it’s gonna hurt. The Church will immediately find itself under both legal and financial scrutiny in every diocese of every state. The Catholic Church, Our Lord’s Holy and Spotless Catholic Church, will be treated as a criminal organization on par with the mob, all because of the infiltration and infestation of The Lavender Mafia. This is the passion of the Church, leading to her crucifixion. Many Catholics will lose faith because of this. If you think too many Catholics have walked away from the Church already, you haven’t seen anything yet. What we are about to face is nothing short of a purging, not just the purging of corrupt priests and bishops, but also the purging of Catholic laypeople who will leave the Church in disgust. It’s coming. It’s hear. It’s has begun.

At the height of Our Lord’s passion 2,000 years ago, all but Saint John, Our Lady and a handful of women abandoned him at the foot of the cross. From his 12 apostles, 120 disciples, and thousands of followers, the faithful of the Church were reduced to a mere remnant; his mother, his youngest apostle, and a small group of women. That’s it. What followed his resurrection was a Springtime of Evangelization that turned the ancient world upside-down. The events of 2,000 years ago were called the Passion of the Christ. The events of today will be called the Passion of the Church. As Christ has suffered, so will his bride. No, these are not the Last Days immediately before the end of the world, but this is the time that will initiate the last epoch of world history before the Last Days at the end of the world. We are about to enter the Age of Mary (Marian Age) which will be a Springtime of Evangelization unlike anything seen since the time of the Apostles following the Resurrection of Christ. It will be a time of relative peace for the Catholic Church, and great evangelistic success around the globe. But to get there, we must first go through the passion of the Church, followed by the crucifixion of the Church. Will you be one of the few to stand at the foot of this cross with Christ and Our Lady? Or, will you be one of the many who will lose faith, run away and hide?

The temptation is to say “I’m not Catholic,” just as Saint Peter denied Christ, cursing and swearing, “I don’t know him!” That’s how bad it’s going to get. In the days ahead, it will be easier to deny our Catholicity. Many of us will say “I’m not Catholic” or “I’m just a Christian,” while secretly going to mass when nobody’s looking. Still, many more will just say “I used to be Catholic” and stop going to mass entirely. Many of us will turn to Evangelical mega-churches, and Protestant denominations. A few of us will go to the Eastern Orthodox. But most of us will just stop going to church entirely, neither Atheist nor Christian, but just some kind of former Catholic who answers “none” on religious affiliation surveys. That is what we can expect in the months and years ahead. This is the purging. This is the exodus from the Catholic Church that parallels the exodus from our Lord during his passion and crucifixion. It is now upon us. The following outlines what could possibly happen in the months and years ahead…

  1. A papal inquiry into the depth of the crisis that will likely result in multiple episcopal resignations,
  2. More statewide grand jury reports, starting with New York, Illinois and Missouri, then fanning out across the country,
  3. A possible activation of the RICO Act, classifying the US Catholic Church as a corrupt organization and placing it under federal investigation nationwide,
  4. Protests erupting at the US National Bishops Conferences by angry Catholics demanding justice and resignations,
  5. Protests against chancery offices across the United States, particularly in those dioceses hit hard by the sexual abuse scandal,
  6. Vigilantes bringing harm to Catholic clergy (both innocent and guilty alike), as well as destruction to Catholic parishes,
  7. A massive selloff of diocesan-held properties to pay for civil settlements and criminal penalties, some of which will likely be parish buildings,
  8. A significant thinning of the number of priests on active duty,
  9. The possibility of the Vatican itself under investigation, and criminal charges being filed against senior Vatican officials,
  10. A very large number of Catholics walking away from the Church.

I cannot know how many episcopal resignations will happen after the papal inquiry, because I don’t know how deep The Lavender Mafia has buried its roots into the US Catholic Church, but it is helpful to remember that after the papal investigation in Chile earlier this year, Pope Francis required the resignations of every single Chilean bishop on his desk, before sorting through them to determine who would stay and who would go. Could something similar happen in the United States. I am leaning toward the possibility of yes, maybe even likely.

I believe what I have outlined above is a worst-case scenario. I am currently under the impression that we will see all ten of these listed events above, but I’m not a prophet, so we’ll just have to wait and see if I’m right, and how serious they will be. Perhaps, if we are lucky, all of these things might happen, but they won’t be so severe. So far, numbers 1 and 2 are already in play. Number 4 is in the planning stage. Number 6 has already happened at least once, according to a recent report out of Indiana, wherein an innocent Eastern Rite Catholic priest was beaten unconscious by a crazed vigilante who shouted “this is for all those kids!” during the attack. I fear this innocent priest has become just the first of many martyrs.

The root cause of this problem goes back to the 1920s. It was at that time two groups merged together that would eventually bring the Catholic Church to ruin. The first was a homosexual ring which entered the seminaries in about 1924. This is well documented in the 1982 book “The Homosexual Network” written by Enrique Rueda. The second was a full communist infiltration which began entering the seminaries in about 1929. Mr. Manning Johnson, a former official of the Communist Party in America gave the following testimony in 1953 to the House Unamerican Activities Committee. He said:

“Once the tactic of infiltration of religious organizations was set by the Kremlin, the Communists discovered that the destruction of religion could proceed much faster through infiltration of the Church by Communists operating within the Church itself. The Communist leadership in the United States realized that the infiltration tactic in this country would have to adapt itself to American conditions and religious make-up peculiar to this country. In the earliest stages it was determined that with only small forces available to them, it would be necessary to concentrate Communist agents in the seminaries. The practical conclusion drawn by the Red leaders was that these institutions would make it possible for a small Communist minority to influence the ideology of future clergymen in the paths conducive to Communist purposes.”

He went on to state the goals of the infiltration where twofold. The first was to neutralize the Catholic Church’s moral obstruction to the advancement of communism. The second was to direct clerical thinking away from the spiritual and toward the temporal and political.

Mr. Johnson’s testimony was corroborated by the testimony and autobiography of Dr. Bella Dodd, who revealed that one of her jobs in the Communist Party was to recruit young radicals (not always communists per se’) into the Catholic priesthood for the purpose of rising through the ranks of the hierarchy and recruiting more “social-justice” radicals who viewed the mission of Christianity more in temporal terms rather than spiritual. Dodd claimed that she recruited approximately 1,100 such men into the seminaries, many of whom went on to become Catholic priests, and some became bishops, archbishops and cardinals. Dr. Dodd eventually defected from the Communist Party and converted to Catholicism, and at the prompting of Archbishop Fulton Sheen began telling her story to the world. Once within the Church she befriended a devout Catholic by the name of Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, who has given her video testimony of her encounters with Dr. Bella Dodd to ChurchMilitant.Com and can be viewed here.

What we are dealing with now is the direct result of these two things, (1) the infiltration of a homosexual network into the Catholic Church starting in 1924, followed by (2) the infiltration of communist agents, and other radicals, beginning in 1929, who had neither faith nor morals, with the intention of corrupting the priesthood and destroying the moral influence of the Catholic Church in western society. Fast forward to 2018, almost one-hundred years later, and we have a mission accomplished. The destruction of the Catholic Church began in the 1920s. In less than 100 years, it has now nearly succeeded. If Pope Leo XIII’s vision of the 100-year satanic trial for the Church is to be believed, we can certainly date the beginning of that satanic trial no later than the 1920s. This would mean it should come to its conclusion no later than 2030 (hopefully?). If we are right in this interpretation, we are entering the final stages of it now.

The origin of this crisis, in and of itself, is of little concern to us outside of contextual understanding. Future historians will like to know the cause, effect and outcome of the crisis, but for those of us living through it right now, it matters little. What matters to us is how to identify the problem and uproot it, while at the same time preserving what remains of our Catholic Christian faith.

The primary problem in the Catholic Church is pederasty not pedophilia. There is a difference. Pedophilia, according to both psychiatric medicine and the dictionary, is the abnormal sexual interest in pre-pubescent children (ages 0 to 11). Ephebophilia is the abnormal sexual interested in post-pubescent teenagers (ages 11 to 17). Pederasty is a form of homosexual ephebophilia, wherein homosexual men seek out young teenage boys, for the purpose of sexual grooming and domination. Within the Catholic Church, the incidents of pedophilia (sex with pre-pubescent children) numbered in the single percentages, less than 5%. About 15% of sexual abuse was with teenage girls. The remaining majority, approximately 80% of sexual abuse was with teenage boys, between the ages of 11 and 17. That, by clinical definition, and the dictionary, is NOT pedophilia. That is pederasty. It is homosexual in nature, and reports indicated it’s not limited to teenagers. Young male adults, especially in the seminaries, report widespread sexual harassment from homosexual men, coming from; faculty, clerics and other seminarians.  The Catholic Church is suffering from a homosexual crisis at all levels of the hierarchy. This is but a symptom of the wider problem.

The wider problem is a lack of supernatural faith, wherein the gospel is seen more in temporal terms (social gospel) rather than spiritual, which leads certain men (of a homosexual inclination) to believe that homosexual acts are not sinful. This is the greatest heresy of our time. It is the heresy of communism, which has led clerics and laypeople to believe the Church is more concerned about temporal matters of this world (social justice) than she is about the eternal matters of the spirit. This in turn has led to the second part of this heresy, which is that sexual sins are not sins at all, since they do not relate to the temporal matters of this world. In other words, the social gospel is more concerned with social justice than it is with private moral issues. So long as a given sexual perversion (such as homosexuality) does not deprive anyone of social justice (food, clean water, housing and medical care), it is not a sin. This thinking is communist to the core, and it leads to widespread sexual perversion. Today, we call this network of homosexual and pederast clergy “The Lavender Mafia.” They primarily operate in blackmail of each other, to maintain an atmosphere of secrecy and cover-up. They also oppress good clergy, due to their many positions of power, and keep them from acting in ways that might hinder their progress. This has been going on for decades!

So what shall we do? I think that question is answered with yet another question. In the sixth chapter of John’s Gospel we read that many of Jesus’ disciples left him. Then he turned to Peter and the twelve and asked if they would leave him too. Peter responded on behalf of the twelve: “Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life” (John 6:68). So my questions to you are as follows: Where will you go? What other church has all seven sacraments of Jesus Christ? What other church has an authentic sacrament of the Eucharist? What other church has authentic holy orders? What other church is in full communion with the Successor of Peter? There are no others. Only the Catholic Church has all of these things. Every other church is a step down from the Catholic Church. Every other church is settling for less.

Let’s look at it a different way, shall we? Let me just put it bluntly to you with a little fire from my belly…

Why in HELL should we go anywhere!?!?! This is CHRIST’S CHURCH, and we belong to HIM. Why should WE leave!?! Why should WE be the ones to walk away in shame!?! WE didn’t molest those boys! Some of us were actually victims! WE didn’t cover it up!

SEND OUT THE PERPETRATORS, and give us our Church BACK!


I think this is a more appropriate line of questioning. And I think it puts us in the right frame of mind. For anyone willing to stay at the foot of the cross during the Passion of the Church, is going to need some kind of a fighting spirit.

You see, on a personal note, I have nowhere left to go. I came into the Church in the Spring of 2000. I walked away from what could have been a fairly well-paid ministry at a local Evangelical Church. My wife and I suffered the scorn of our families and friends upon entering the Catholic Church. We literally lost all of our friends. We entered the Church anyway, and tried to put our social lives back together, only to be hit with the first wave of this pederasty scandal in 2002, and suffer even more scorn from our former friends, added by the scorn of society at large. Yet we stayed in the Church anyway, and raised two children within her. This kind of stubborn faithfulness to the Church comes only when one believes the Catholic Church is truly the Church established by Jesus Christ. So, let me put it to you this way. I literally have nowhere left to go. My back is up against a wall. I have no choice but to fight for my faith, or else give it up entirely, and I do mean all of it! I’m not willing to entertain that thought, so guess what I’m gonna do? You guessed it. I’m gonna fight. Will you join me?

Here’s what I’m going to do…

  • I’m will pray the Holy Rosary every night, asking Our Lord and Our Lady to remove these pederast priests and corrupt bishops from among us. I’m going to ask that he remove them abruptly and forcefully, using any means necessary. I will not ask for any mercy on that one. I do this for the sake of the saving the youth and young men from any more harm.
  • I will identify the problem as homosexuality in the priesthood, and call upon the pope and all bishops to enforce canon law which states that men with strong homosexual tendencies should not be admitted to the seminaries, and most certainly should not be ordained priests.
  • I will not give any money to the USCCB, or any collection sponsored by them. It is an institutionally corrupt organisation. That’s it. They will not get one more dime from me ever again — period.
  • I will not give any money to a bishop who does not call for the resignation and/or removal of clergy who cover-up sexual or physical abuse. I am fortunate in that my own bishop has already called for the resignation/removal of such clergy. If your bishop has not already done this, maybe you should call or write your bishop’s chancery office and ask him why not?
  • I will support criminal investigations of the Catholic Church wherever they may arise, and support the pope’s removal of problem bishops.
  • I will report any suspicious activity of criminal behavior both to civil and Church authorities.
  • I will continue to identify myself as a Catholic even if doing so is difficult and causes others to look down upon me.
  • I will continue to go to mass regularly and visit the confessional as much as possible.
  • I will educate my children about what happened, and how they too can fight the homosexual-communist network (The Lavender Mafia) that is infiltrated the Catholic Church.

Beyond that, I don’t know what else to do as a layman, and I don’t see much more we can do as laymen, other than making our sentiments known to our priests and bishops, as well as writing letters to the pope. I have written an open letter to the pope, which can be viewed here. There are, however, some practical considerations we Catholics should make in the days ahead.

One practical consideration is our safety and the safety of our priests and fellow parishioners. I’m generally not worried about the government. The state and federal governments will soon have their hands full investigating The Lavender Mafia across the United States and perhaps internationally. I know many people worry about persecution of the laity by government officials, and I’m not ruling out the possibility that something like that could happen in the future (a mild form of it already happened under the Obama administration), but that is not our primary concern right now. Our primary concern right now is not government persecution, but rather the persecution of crazed vigilantes who want to take the law into their own hands. These people are usually not very intelligent, so they are usually wrong in their fact-finding and make critical errors in logical thinking. As a result, they’re completely random, totally unpredictable, and usually punish the innocent instead of the guilty. Vigilantes truly present a real, physical danger to the safety of our priests and our families. Parish members should begin taking parish-security seriously. I’m talking about such things as security cameras throughout church facilities, lock-down procedures, and armed security personnel during liturgical times such as mass and public prayer. To cut down on cost, armed personnel could consist of parishioners legally trained and licensed in conceal-and-carry laws. This is a call especially to fraternal orders, such as the Knights of Columbus, for example. Now is the time to step up to the plate and become real knights in the traditional and historical sense, physically protecting worshipers in their pilgrim journey on earth. It only makes sense that knights should take more than a ceremonial role in the liturgies of the Church. Perhaps while the color guard is doing their thing during mass, a few well-placed knights in plain clothes, distributed throughout the chapel, trained and licensed in conceal and carry laws, could function as a layer of protection in the event of a vigilante or terrorist attack on the parish. Of course, I am also talking about bringing in the expert advice of law enforcement. Most large parishes have police officers on their parish membership rolls. They should be consulted. When such members don’t exist, a simple call to the local police department can easily produce free security advice from trained professionals. This is a very simple and doable thing, which shouldn’t cost any parish more than a one-time investment of a few thousand dollars for a hardened parish building, with a ready and able security detail that can last decades. If the Vatican can have the Swiss Guard, then local parishes can have a few security cameras, a lock-down procedure, and some armed knights.

Another consideration is how to talk about all this and who to talk to. I strongly believe that we Catholics should talk to each other about the crisis and its effects as much as possible. This helps to calm our nerves and strengthen our faith. It’s therapeutic you see. Even public discussion, such as here on this blog, and also on social media, can serve a therapeutic effect, provided it’s between practicing Catholics who really love the faith. However, I do not recommend broaching this subject with non-Catholics. If non-Catholics happen to broach this subject with you, simply remind them that whatever concern, frustration and anger that is being felt among non-Catholics, it’s ten-times worse among Catholics just trying to live the faith. Thank them for their concern. Assure them you’re working with other Catholics to purge the evil from our Church, and then politely move on to another subject. This assures non-Catholics that we are not tone-deaf to the problem, and we are trying to do something about it. However, there are some non-Catholics who will try to use this crisis as a means to draw you out of the Church, attempting to persuade you to become Atheist or join some non-Catholic denomination. You will know these people by their argumentative and accusatory tone. They will seem highly aggressive in their line of questioning, and sometimes mocking in their comments. These people are to be totally ignored. In some cases, we may have to ignore them rudely. They have an agenda, and we simply don’t have time for it. Nor will such people listen to reasonable discussion.

Another consideration is personal holiness. We are entering a dark time for the Church. Though times have been dark already, they’re about to get much darker. If you’re dealing with some personal sin, it’s time to root it out. Visit the confessional. Do spiritual exercises. Focus your mind on spiritual things, particularly the word of God as relayed in the Sacred Scriptures and Apostolic Tradition. Go the extra mile in your walk with God, and most especially, turn to Our Lady in this time of trial. Our Lady of Fatima told the children that the rosary was the spiritual weapon of her choice. Maybe we should take that seriously in our own lives as well.

We must also consider this. Homosexuality has now taken center stage in our culture. While the average layperson usually has no occasion to counsel homosexual people, in part because of the popularly encouraged “pride” in their sin discourages homosexuals from seeking counselling, especially religious counselling, it is nevertheless helpful for laypeople to understand something. The Catholic Church does not teach that temptation, in and of itself, is sinful. This is because the Scriptures tell us that Jesus was tempted by the devil in the wilderness (Matthew 4:1-11, Mark 1:12-13, Luke 4:1-13). If Jesus could suffer temptation, and Jesus was without sin, as Catholic theology teaches, then temptation (in and of itself) is not sin. Therefore, if you have a passing temptation to steal something, and you don’t act on it, you are not a thief and you have not sinned. If you have a passing temptation to commit adultery, and you don’t act on it, you are not an adulterer and you have not sinned. Likewise, you have a passing temptation to commit a some homosexual act, or you are attracted to members of the same-sex, you are not a homosexual and you have not sinned. Temptation is just temptation. We are all tempted to do all sorts of things. If temptation (in itself) made us sinners, then we would all be thieves, adulterers, murderers, etc. So this is important to understand. When we speak of homosexuals, we speak of people who are acting in homosexual ways, not people who merely have passing homosexual temptations and resist them.

There is another consideration related to this. That is homosexual people who do act on their temptations, and live as homosexuals within the general population. Generally speaking, these are not the people we’re talking about when it comes to the homosexual crisis in the Catholic Church or The Lavender Mafia. Regular homosexual persons in society are just that — regular homosexual persons — and likely have no connection whatsoever to the homosexual/pederasty crisis in the Catholic Church or The Lavender Mafia. It’s very important to understand this. What’s going on in The Lavender Mafia within the Catholic Church likely has nothing to do with that gay fellow who lives down the street. There is probably no connection whatsoever. So it’s important that we don’t distrust innocent homosexual bystanders because of the crisis going on in our own Church. Unless he’s a Catholic priest or bishop, there is probably no connection at all. So leave that poor fellow alone and give him the benefit of the doubt. He’s probably just a regular person, trying to sort out the problems in his own life, just like the rest of us.

Finally, there is a prophetic component to all this, just as the title of this essay suggests. The crisis is real, but limited. There is an expiration date. It will come to an end. We just don’t know when that day will come. Our Lady has promised us victory, and she has promised us renewal. Those who stick with her, at the foot of the cross within the Church, will be rewarded when it’s over. However, consider this. Judgement always comes to the house of the Lord first, before it it brought to the world (1 Peter 4:17). If God is cleansing the Church now, among his own children, what manner of cleansing is he planning for the rest of the world when he’s done with the Church? Whatever we get, we know it will not be nearly has harsh as what’s coming to the world. We also know that the incidence of sexual abuse of minors, and sexual harassment of adults, is much higher in the world than it is in the Church. Approximately one in four public high-school students in the United States is sexually abused before graduation by a member of the faculty or staff, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So consider what great judgement is soon to befall this world immediately after the Catholic Church is cleansed. If this doesn’t motivate us to clean up our own lives, now before it’s too late, I don’t know what will. So be prepared. Pray the rosary. Go to mass. Go to confession. We must immerse ourselves in the things of God, and think about heavenly things, rather than the things of this world. For a great cleansing is soon coming upon this world, maybe within a decade or two? And it will make this current cleansing of the Church look like nothing more than a loving Father’s gentle hand of correction.


  1. Thanks for your powerful article, Shane, it’s a good overview and an encouraging action plan for the potential results of this new crisis.

    I was born and raised a Roman Catholic but only paid it lip service. After the revelations of depravity in the early 00’s I lost my faith and left ‘The Faith’. I stayed away, angry, furious and determined to viciously undermine any religious belief as much as possible. Sad to say, I was very successful at it, too…..turning the rest of my family off all kinds of spiritual practice.

    3 years ago I returned by “chance” (believe it or not, Fr. James Martin’s ‘Jesus-A Pilgrimage’ and British writer Peter Hitchens helping along the way) and have since been blessed with a stronger, more robust appreciation and gratitude for Catholicism.

    This time, the latest round of predatory sexual behaviour from these rancid two faced, “politically engaged” sexual abusers won’t cause me to lose my faith or abandon the Roman Catholic Church.

    Echoing Pope Benedict’s words that “The Lord has allowed you to live in this moment of history so that, by your faith, his name will continue to resound throughout the world”, I believe we are supposed to be here and now as part of this current ‘History’ and are witnessing the acceleration of an already tottering North American Catholicism. But I’ve asked myself is that so bad? A brutal disinfecting is the only way forward. ‘Charters’, ‘plans, tersely worded damage control statements approved by the “legal team” isn’t going to cut it anymore. Our travel to the desert for Catholicism’s time in the wilderness has to be public, costly and humiliating. The smug certainty of our modern prelates has to be brought down until we can become the one true holy, Catholic and apostolic church again.


  2. This is a result of Vatican ll, l know people will rebuke this but ,that’s when all the nonsense and changes where made, it will get worse until tradition is restored


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