School Shootings Cannot Be Stopped

I know the title of this post is depressing, but it’s a reflection of reality. School shootings cannot be stopped. They are just a regular part of life in America now. We might as well get used to it.

Catholics parents need to get their kids out of public schools now! There is no reason to send our children to a government indoctrination centre, that undermines our Catholic faith, is filled with drugs and bullies, and could become a shooting gallery at any time without a moment’s notice. Why? Oh why do we send our precious children there?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because we think we have to. It’s because we believe we have no choice. Maybe we don’t. Maybe our financial situation is such that it really is impossible to do anything else. That is why every Catholic parent should be writing to their bishops right now, and imploring them to do something!

There is no reason why any family giving at least 5% of their annual income to a parish should have to pay for the parish school. Any family making less then $100k, and giving at least 5% to the parish, should have free Catholic education for all their children. That should be a standard policy in all dioceses, and bishops should bend over backward to make it so.

There is also no reason why Catholic schools cannot start auxiliary programs for Catholic homeschoolers, allowing parents to send their children to the school two days a week so the homeschooling mom can work a couple days to make ends meet. This should be done free of charge to all Catholic parishioners making less than $100k annually and giving at least 5% to the parish annually. There is no reason at all why this can’t happen. Protestant churches are doing this all over the country. If they can do it, we can too, and it only takes one strong bishop to tell his parish-schools to make it so.

As Catholics we need to meet the challenge of this new paradigm. I understand that school shootings can happen anywhere, even in a Catholic school. (We just haven’t seen it yet.) Nevertheless, we owe it to Catholic families to step up to the plate, and give students a quality Catholic education, while simultaneously reducing the risk.

It’s a simple strategy employed by every military general since the beginning of time. Don’t put all your troops in one place to make them an easy target. Spread them around. Increase their chance of survival. School shootings are random events. One of the reasons why they’re so devastating is because all our children are in one place, in one school, packed in like sardines, where one shooter can do the most damage. We’ve got to get them out of there. We got to spread them around and increase their chances of survival.

America is a war-zone now. It’s part of its general social decay and it’s not going to get better anytime soon. It’s high time we start treating it like the war-zone it is. It’s time to spread our kids around, and increase their chances of survival.

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