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  • I am a Catholic Integralist

    I am a Catholic Integralist

    My recent association with Christian Nationalists over on Gab Social may raise a few eyebrows among my fellow Catholics. Before I’m accused of being “too Protestant” (again), please read on. Everything I wrote in the Declaration of Christian Nationalism, published as the prologue in the book “Christian Nationalism” by Andrew Torba and Andrew Isker, is […]

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  • A Modest Proposal to End the Liturgy Feuds

    A Modest Proposal to End the Liturgy Feuds

    My heart is aching and in pain. I am torn inside. On the one hand, the pope is my spiritual father. When I came into the Catholic Church, from Anglicanism, I accepted him as my spiritual father. Even though I have disagreements with him, and I’ve even been extremely frustrated with him, he is still […]

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  • How to be a Real Bible Christian

    How to be a Real Bible Christian

    Having been raised Protestant, I sometimes wonder what might have kept me in the Protestant world. Having been surrounded by people who claim to want to be like the first Christians, and only follow the Bible, I was amazed (as a young lad) how virtually nobody in Evangelical Protestant churches do that. This, of course, […]

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  • The Jesus Rosary

    The Jesus Rosary

    Some English-speaking Christians are under the false impression that the Bible forbids repetitive prayer. This is incorrect, but let’s take a look at their argument. Matthew 6:7 is the one and only proof-text they use to support this claim. In this verse, the original Greek word battalogeō (βαττολογέω) means to stammer, stutter, or use the […]

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  • Rosary Crusade for the 2022 Midterm Election

    Rosary Crusade for the 2022 Midterm Election

    Everything in life has a spiritual component, and this is especially true for political elections. Yes, the spiritual world is heavily at work, both angels and demons, in the days leading up to an election, and in the voting process as it happens. To neglect the spiritual side of any election, is to fail to […]

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  • Christian Nationalism = Christian Patriotism

    Christian Nationalism = Christian Patriotism

    It is now impossible to ignore the Christian Nationalist Movement in the United States. We’ve got United States Congressmen self-identifying as “Christian Nationalists.” Every news outlet in America has covered it (almost all negative), and the Democrat Left is practically going hysterical over it. It has to be discussed, defined and crystalized. That’s why I […]

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