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  • The Future of America is Catholic

    I have been known to make some pretty bold claims from time to time, and this will be one of them. However, I think I have some solid ground to stand on. Here’s the gist of it. The time period in which we are living, which began with the American Revolution that started in 1765, […]

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  • How to Revive Any Catholic Parish

    The following is addressed to any Catholic priest who might be interested. I have always believed that priests already have at their disposal everything they need to bring about renewal and revival at any Catholic parish, anywhere in the world. The problem is that many priests have been so conditioned by the current state of […]

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  • Divine Worship: Daily Office

    If you’re looking for a Divine Office (Liturgy of the Hours) that is compacted into one book, then I would highly recommend the Ordinariate version called Divine Worship: Daily Office. This Ordinariate-version is approved for all lay Catholics, it’s easier to use than the standard Roman Divine Office, and it focuses on Scripture readings like […]

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  • Anatomy of a Schism

    Having been an Anglican briefly, before becoming Catholic, I watch the breakup of the Anglican Communion unfold with sadness both before and after my reception into the Catholic Church. That breakup continues to this day, though arguably, the key moments in the process are now behind us, and the trajectory is set into its end […]

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  • Against the Modern Judaizers

    Is the celebration of Christmas pagan? What about the celebration of Easter, is it pagan too? Certainly, the celebration of Halloween must be pagan, right? How about worshiping God on Sundays? Surely that is pagan, no? Is it all some big conspiracy? Are the historical churches of Christendom secretly trying to simulate ancient Pagan worship, […]

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  • Start an English Ordinariate Parish

    What the heck is an English Ordinariate Parish? The short answer is simply this. When a bunch of Anglicans decided to come back into the Catholic Church, from 1980 through 2012, they requested that they could bring elements of their Anglican (English) Patrimony with them. A good part of these elements, found in the Book […]

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